The 10 Best Coffee Makers Under $100 2023

Coffee machines are becoming more affordable. The best coffee maker under $100 can already offer delicious coffee for your daily routine.

Despite that, the boundary between “budget” and “shoddy” is not far from each other. Finding those quality coffee brewers in the abundance of products on the market can be frustrating.

Knowing your demand, we have conducted a detailed list of the 10 best coffee maker under 100 dollars you can get.

The 10 Best Coffee Makers Under $100 In 2023

Let’s not delay any further and start our search for the 10 best coffee makers under 100 dollars. Since each product has its strong points and shortcomings, we highly suggest you look thoroughly through every product before deciding on your favorite.

1. Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 Perfectemp Coffee Maker – Best All-Rounder


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Main Specifications:

  • Stainless steel build
  • Large 14-cup glass carafe with steel accent
  • Fully programmable simple controls
  • Auto-off feature
  • Adjustable brew strength

If you want a basic coffee maker that is reliable and affordable, the Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 Perfectemp Coffee Maker is a must-have. 

From the exterior, the unit is covered in a stainless steel shell. This design ensures both durability in the long term and a modern look to your kitchen. 

Looking closer, we can see that the glass carafe also has to measure lines and a steel accent embedded on the handle. Such dedication to detail is not for nothing. 

It greatly improves protection against the high heat of boiling water. The pot fits snugly inside the machine, taking up as little space as possible. With all of that in mind, the coffee maker has proved that affordable options do not necessarily lack premium quality.

The control panel is straightforward, with a clear LCD and 5 buttons for adjusting. It allows you to select between 2 brew powers, which determines the final taste of your coffee blend.

Moreover, there is a volume setting for you to change how many cups to prepare. This freedom of choice makes the product fitting for every household, from one-person households to large families.

Cuisinart has been so generous to pack an additional automatic shut-off system, acting as extra security for your household.

We found that it is relatively hard to fill up the water tank during our use, mainly because the lid’s design is too small.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Large capacity carafe
  • Automatic shut-off feature
  • Affordable


  • Difficult to refill the water reservoir

2. Hamilton Beach 2-Way Coffee Maker – Best For Commuters


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Main Specifications:

  • 2-way brewer with travel mugs dispenser
  • Adjustable brew strength
  • Programmable timer
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Pause and Pour

We recommend this product for those who constantly have to move around and need a full mug of coffee to bring along. It is a 2-way brewer, so you can either make a full carafe or a single-serve to fill your cup. 

What makes the Hamilton Beach 2-Way Coffee Maker stand out is its dispenser design. It is compatible with most traveling mugs and thermos flasks. You can start filling up by placing your pot into the slot and flicking a switch.

Are you staying up late for work and want your wake-up coffee ready before your feet hit the ground? The machine has a programmable timer that you can set up to 24 hours in advance. 

As a bonus, the Pause and Pour feature allows you to take a quick sip while the coffee is brewing, which is incredibly convenient to prepare for your day.

One notable shortcoming we stumbled upon was the brewing time. While it does not take long to start boiling the water, the dripping is relatively slow and may take a while to finish.


  • Traveling cup dispenser
  • Adjustable timer
  • Pause and Pour technology


  • Slow pouring

3. BUNN GRB Velocity Coffee Brewer – Best For Speed


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Main Specifications:

  • Always ready for internal hot water
  • Anti-drip system
  • One-touch coffee maker
  • 10-cup carafe
  • Large funnel-shaped filter

People who often urgently demand a cup of coffee will love to have this pick in their kitchen. BUNN GRB Velocity Coffee Brewer is arguably the fastest home espresso maker on the market.

How fast can it get? The product can fill up a 10-cup carafe in less than 3 minutes! That is how long it usually takes for single-serve machines.

Such speedy operation is possible thanks to an exclusive funnel filter design. It ensures maximum interaction between hot water and the coffee grounds. This combined with the spray head inside to distribute the hot water evenly, helping Velocity Brew stand on top in terms of speed.

That is not the only thing! The water tank is constantly in a warm state, ensuring that your coffee is ready in minutes at any time.

It is without its weak point, however. The water reservoir needs to be full before the device can start brewing. In other words, you have to constantly refill after every batch of coffee.


  • Lightning brewing speed
  • The spray head spreads the water evenly on the coffee ground
  • Hot water maintainability


  • The water level needs to be at the max

4. Hamilton Beach 49976 FlexBrew Trio Coffee Maker – Best For Single-Serve Brewers


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Main Specifications:

  • 2-in-1 single-serving
  • Compatible with coffee pods
  • Separate water reservoirs
  • Dedicated water meter
  • 12-cup carafe

From the outside, you may easily mistake the Hamilton Beach 49976 FlexBrew Trio Coffee Maker for a typical 2-way brewer. This product introduces innovative triple-purpose brewing features. The 12-cup carafe side works fine, but the dual-purpose single-serve dispenser is praiseworthy.

Looking closer at the single-serve side, you can see both a ground coffee filter and a pod holder in 1 piece. 

This allows you to pick from a wide variety of ingredients, from traditional grounds to K-cups and coffee pods. Besides, the cup rest is removable, so you can fit it in a large thermos flask with little effort.

The single flaw of most multi-purpose coffee is the single water tank. It can mix up your coffee blends, negatively altering the taste and flavor. 

This is not the case with FlexBrew! The 2 separate water reservoirs have visible meters for intact flavors in addition to minimizing miscalculations while you pour.

A minor inconvenience is that the carafe warmer will shut off while you are making single servings. So remember to turn it back on unless you want cold coffee!


  • Compatible with any inputs
  • Separate water reservoirs to guarantee the pristine taste
  • Removable cup rest


  • The pot warmer turns off in the single-serve mode

5. Cuisinart DCC-1200 Brew Central – Best For Temperature Control


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Main Specifications:

  • Adjustable heating plate
  • Self-cleaning feature
  • Charcoal water filter
  • 12-cup carafe
  • Programmable auto brew setting
  • BPA free

Each person has a different taste buds for coffee. Some fancy hot coffee, while others want their coffee warm. While traditional coffee makers only produce smoking hot cups of joe, Cuisinart DCC-1200 Brew Central allows you to choose the temperature.

With an adjustable warming plate, the machine can keep your coffee at any temperature, depending on your preference. This makes the unit perfect for lengthy winter seasons. Your coffee will stay cozy without any loss in heat, quality, and flavor.

As a nice perk, the carafe pot is dishwasher safe and BPA-free, saving you a hefty portion of time for cleaning.

When preparing for a brew, we discovered the water level indicator is somewhat hidden from sight. Casual coffee drinkers may struggle with viewing the water content.


  • Customizable heating plate
  • Dishwasher compatible and free of BPA
  • Warming plate with adjustable heat levels


  • Hard to check the water content

6. Ninja CE251 Programmable Brewer – Best For Build Quality


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Main Specifications:

  • Flavor Straw technology
  • Removable water reservoir
  • 24-hour delay-brew
  • Customizable brew strength
  • Mid-Brew Pauses

Ninja CE251 Programmable Brewer has always been well-known for its commitment to quality, rivaling high-end products for a fraction of the price. Initially, you may be concerned about the plastic build of the machine. Once you purchase it, however, what you could see is a hidden gem!

It is not those cheap and brittle plastic materials on flea markets, but each component has passed the most rigorous durability check with ease. The plastic parts have a stainless steel polish to simulate the look and feel of metal while not adding up to the weight and price tag.

Still not impressed? Well, the glass carafe has exclusive flavor straw technology. This handy feature circulates the content during the brewing session, making sure every cup of coffee is consistent in quality.

Alongside is a removable water tank. With the pull-away design, filling in water has never been easier.

The only complaint would be that there is no auto shut-off system, but the product is worth every penny for what you pay.


  • Light but premium plastic build
  • Carafe with Flavor Straw for consistent heat
  • Easy-to-remove water reservoir


  • Lacks security features

7. Braun KF6050WH BrewSense – Best For Flavor


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Main Specifications:

  • Seal-in carafe
  • Pure Flavor technology
  • 12-cup carafe
  • Customizable cleaning features
  • Automatic shut-off

Coffee enthusiasts will find everything they want in the Braun KF6050WH BrewSense. This drip coffee machine is designed to satisfy the most demanding users with an authentic taste of coffee.

For starters, the one-of-a-kind PureFlavor technology ensures every cup of coffee is made at the exact duration, and heat coffee aficionados recommend. Whether preparing a full pot or a morning sip, the machine promises to deliver the best flavor.

By limiting air exposure with a sealed cap, the FlavorCarafe takes part in preserving the delicate aroma of fresh coffee for an entire day. 

Have you been wondering why your coffee’s flavor varies between machines? One feature that contributes to this difference is the filter. 

Unlike paper filters, the Braun gold-tone filter enriches the taste of your espresso by enabling essential oils to permeate. An additional layer of charcoal filter disinfects water of all hardness levels for optimal purity.

This pick would be a perfect choice if there was a brew strength switch. You can only stick to the machine’s built-in options.


  • Seal caps maintain heat longer
  • Exclusive PureFlavor technology ensures perfect brewing condition
  • Dual set of charcoal filters for disinfecting


  • No adjustable brew power

8. Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker – Best For K-Pods


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Main Specifications:

  • Compact design
  • Compatible with every official K-cup
  • Energy-saving auto shut-off system
  • Multiple cup sizes
  • Removable water reservoir

Although natural coffee is always superior to instant ones in all cases, it is quite time-consuming to make and may even be unavailable in certain situations.

K-Cups offer a fine combination of both quality and convenience. And no machine can work with them better than the K-Slim pot by Keurig.

The unit is well-matched with an abundance of K-Cups from world-famous brands around the world. It is designed to brew coffee pods precisely according to the maker’s advice, maintaining the authentic flavor.

You can make full use of each pod due to the variable cup sizes (8,10, and 12oz), minimizing leftover ground.

Large households beware as the Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker can only make single-servings, so you should find those with carafes on this list for large batches.


  • Adaptable K-Cups brewing system
  • Multiple cup volumes
  • Wide variety of coffee pods available for use


  • Single-serve only

9. Cuisinart DCC-1150BKP1 Classic Thermal Coffee Maker – Best For Beginners


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Main Specifications:

  • Minimalistic buttons layout
  • Double-insulated thermal carafe
  • Brew Pause feature
  • Individual cup settings
  • Automatic clean
  • 10 to 12-cup capacity

Cuisinart DCC-1150BKP1 Classic Thermal Coffee Maker is what we recommend for those who are unfamiliar with automatic coffee makers. The star of the product is the thermal carafe. It is easy to use and dishwasher safe and keeps your drink hot without any extra work.

The double-insulated outer casing can maintain a temperature of up to 10 cups at once. The carafe is compact and simply designed, so you can easily transport it. A bonus would be the reliable dripless nozzle with a thumb pad that secures its position while you are pouring.

With a 1-4 cup setting, it can make single-servings or family-sized pots. For added convenience, the unit includes the ‘Brew Pause’ option for security and a self-cleaning button to keep your hands from moving! 

A quibble with thermal carafes, in general, is the steam that can gather under the lid, leaving messy residue over time.


  • Packs with convenient features
  • Easy-to-use thermal carafe
  • Compact design carafe


  • Susceptible to residue leftovers on the pot’s lid

10. KRUPS KM550D50 Personal Café – Best Bean To Cup Machine

Main Specifications:

  • Grind and Brew design
  • Powerful burr grinder
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Additional accessories in the box
  • Bold-strength coffee setting

We can not suggest anything other than the KRUPS KM550D50 Personal Café for anyone seeking a machine with a built-in coffee grinder at a reasonable price.

The machine sports a remarkably elegant yet solid appearance with stainless steel accents. This piece is surprisingly lightweight for a grinder and coffee machine in one, allowing you to carry it around with average force. 

The grinder is only a second feature, and at such a low price range, people can assume that it is just for show. Believe us when we say it delivers as advertised! 

The flat burr is designed to dish out as much strength as conventional grinders would. And metal bearings inside the grinder can last a long period while delivering powerful grinds.

In addition to raw coffee beans, the grinder can also work with your favorite ground, as long as you change the setting correspondingly.

For the grinder to work efficiently, the manufacturer has to cut down on features. There is no digital clock and no programmable functions other than grind and brew.


  • Effective built-in grinder
  • Lightweight and modern design
  • Durable all-steel exterior and metal grinder


  • Without customizations

How To Choose The Best Coffee Machines Under $100?

Before we browse through the best coffee makers available, here are some points you should keep in mind.

Brewing Capability

One thing that determines the quality of a coffee maker is how fast it can make your coffee. The speed varies between machines, typically ranging from around 1 to 5 minutes. 

Some high-end espresso machines are even faster at a measly 20 seconds. Some affordable models under 100 dollars are also catching up, reaching an impressive 30 seconds brew time. This duration depends on the power of your coffee maker and how much coffee you want to brew.

Overall, it depends on whether you need to have coffee ready at all times or a large batch quickly.


You can measure the capacity of coffee makers through the number of cups. It indicates the quantity of coffee the device can process in one go. Currently, you can get between 1 cup to a massive 14 cups with most models on the market.

If most members of your family are coffee lovers, a large-scale machine capable of making more than 12 cups is advisable. On the flip side, if you live alone or only with your spouse, then a single-serve unit is more than enough.

Ease Of Operation

Technology is not something everyone can get used to, especially for the elderly or technophobes. You do not want a machine with a bunch of buttons just to master before you can brew a batch of coffee. 

For this criteria, look for products with as few switches as possible, and check their specifications for automatic features such as grinding or boiling water.


Programmable coffee machines enable you to prepare coffee grounds at any time of your choice. It also means you can create your own recipe, ensuring the final drink fits your coffee taste. 

In short, you can set the clock, and the device will make the type of coffee exactly how you wanted. 

Coffee Carafes

This component works as temporary storage for brewed coffee. You can find it in the shape of a pot, with the main difference being in the material.

Glass Carafe

The glass carafe is available in almost every standard coffee maker. It is cheap, easy to clean, and requires no maintenance. Additionally, you can observe the content inside. Quality pots even have a capacity indicator on the glass for easier measurement.

One notable downside of this type of carafe is its low heat retention. After a couple of hours at room temperature, your coffee will start to run cold. Furthermore, glass breaks under minor impacts, so avoid any accidental drops at all costs!

Thermal Carafe

As the name may suggest, this carafe is superior in retaining heat. You can leave it on the kitchen cabinets, and the pot of coffee will stay hot for a long time. It is usually made of stainless steel, so daily wear and tear is not a problem. 

Keep in mind, though, thermal carafes are considerably heavier than their glass counterparts, and they require extra work to clean and keep in good condition.

Extra Features

“More is better”, is true in terms of electronics. Anyone would want their product to pack many perks. Although they are optional and barely affect your coffee-making experience, it is worth checking. The features you should look for are as follows.

Auto-Shutoff Option

This function guarantees that you do not leave the house concerning whether you have turned off the device. When the coffee is ready, the machine will cease to work immediately, preventing potential dangers.


Want to brew your coffee at a specific time? With a timer, simply pour in your ingredient, and you can control whenever the device starts to process as you wish.

Why Should You Avoid Cheap Coffee Makers?

You might have been tempted by dirt-cheap price tags and top-of-the-line specifications from those off-brand espresso makers. Here are our thoughts on whether you should consider buying one or not.

Kitchen appliances are known to be expensive. The maker can cut down on features or materials to reduce the price but still ensure the basic functions.

On the other hand, cheap coffee machines are lacking in all aspects. They are made from poor-quality material, have no safety features, and have immeasurable defects. These drawbacks can ruin your experience, have harmful effects on your health, and even worse, cause hazardous fires.

Some people can argue that the tiny cost is worth the risk, but hear us out. Although these cheap coffee makers can work perfectly at first, they are designed to break down on purpose, and you have to spend additional money on replacements. 

So technically, you are wasting more on multiple cheap products compared to buying an expensive coffee maker.

In summary, we highly advise you to avoid cheap espresso machines at all costs. They not only fail to work as advertised but also put you and your household in danger. It is always a good idea to invest a bit more in quality budget products.

The Benefits Of Owning A Coffee Maker At Home

Hardcore coffee lovers would agree that having your coffee made in the comfort of your house does provide you with numerous benefits and conveniences. 

It will save you a great sum of money as you don’t have to pay for a cup of coffee several times per week and don’t have to drive a mile to get one. 

Moreover, it can be time-efficient to just spend 5 minutes on a cup of coffee for your day other than driving and waiting in line at a local coffee shop. 

Although instant coffee is easier to prepare, filter coffee from an espresso machine has a more comprehensive and richer coffee flavor. It is not hard to distinguish between a robust cup of fresh coffee and the weak, industrial smell of chemical powders.

If you are into experiencing all kinds of ingredients, a coffee pot at home is the most convenient. Soon, you can enjoy homemade coffee with your recipe. 

Not only would owning a coffee maker help with your passion, but it will also create the impression to everyone else that you are enthusiastic about how your cups of coffee would taste. 

You can brew espresso with a coffee pot if you want to gain more insight into how famous brands can create such aromatic, strong-flavored cups of coffee.

FAQs Of Best Coffee Maker Under $100

We are getting near the end of this article. Before that, here are some questions we believe you also have while browsing through the products.

1. Should I Buy A Coffee Maker With A Grinder?

There has been an ongoing debate on whether the built-in grinder provides any good to the user. From our personal experience, there are some worth-noting benefits.

Saving Space

The built-in grinder maximizes every unused space inside the coffee machine. As opposed to owning 2 pieces of hardware clogging up your kitchen, you can have one that works as both. 

Overall, when it comes to conserving space on cupboards or counters, the coffee machine with a built-in grinder is the winner. 


What can be less costly than preparing coffee yourself? Having a built-in grinder means you can make coffee from the beans, cutting down on the cost of buying pre-ground coffee powder. Furthermore, it provides you with more control over the quality of the ingredients.

2. What Is The Lifespan Of A Coffee Maker?

It solely depends on how frequently you use and maintain your unit. On average, the lifespan of a daily-used coffee brewer is around 5 years. Should you take the device for regular maintenance and clean it thoroughly, you will have to double the duration of up to 10 years.

3. How Often Should I Clean The Coffee Maker?

It is where your drink comes out, so a cleaning session after each use is preferable. It is not how many times you clean it, but rather how well. The standard procedure should include scraping off the leftover coffee ground and sanitizing the brewing basket and the carafe.

Besides, take your device to a mechanic to check if any dirt or grime is building up inside the compartments. Doing so will ensure your coffee maker stays as new for an extended period.

4. What is the best coffee-to-water ratio?

The best coffee maker under $100 will give you a delicious cup of coffee. However, the quality of your coffee also depends on the ratio of coffee to water.

To make a perfect cup of coffee, you should use 2 tablespoons (10-12 grams) of coffee beans for every 6 ounces (180 ml) of water.

5. Can you put whole beans in a coffee maker?

The answer is YES. You can put whole beans in a coffee maker, and many people do just that. Whole-bean coffee gives you the most control over your cup of coffee, from start to finish.

If you’re looking for even more control, consider a manual coffee grinder. These devices allow you to grind your beans to an exacting specification, so you can produce the perfect cup of coffee, every time.

6. Why is my Cuisinart coffee maker so slow?

There are a few reasons your Cuisinart coffee maker might be brewing slowly. One possibility is that the machine needs to be descaled.

Descaling is an important part of maintaining your coffee maker and keeping it in good working condition. Another possibility is that the brew basket is clogged with coffee grounds.

If this is the case, you’ll need to clean the brew basket. Finally, it’s also possible that the water filter needs to be replaced.

7. How long does a Cuisinart coffee maker take to brew?

The Cuisinart coffee maker can take anywhere from 2-3 minutes to brew a full pot of coffee. This is based on the grind of the coffee beans and how much water is used. If you use more water, it will take longer to brew. If you use less water, it will take less time to brew.

8. Do Cuisinart coffee makers have a lifetime warranty?

No, Cuisinart coffee makers do not have a lifetime warranty. However, they do have a 3-year limited warranty.

9. Why is the Cuisinart coffee maker leaking?

There could be a number of reasons why your Cuisinart coffee maker is leaking. The most common reason is that the coffee maker needs to be descaled.

Descaling removes built-up calcium deposits, which can impede water flow and cause leaks. To descale your coffee maker, follow the instructions in your owner’s manual.

If your coffee maker is still leaking after descaling, it may be due to a damaged or defective seal. Inspect the seals around the carafe lid and the filter basket.

If they are cracked or damaged, they will need to be replaced. Another possible cause of leaks is clogged holes in the spray head.

Use a needle or paperclip to clear any clogged holes. If your coffee maker is still leaking, it may need to be replaced.

10. Do coffee makers get moldy?

Mold can grow on anything that is moist, and coffee makers are no different. The water reservoir is the perfect environment for mold to grow.

If you don’t clean your coffee maker regularly, mold can start growing in it. To clean your coffee maker and get rid of mold, mix one part vinegar with two parts water.

Pour this mixture into the water reservoir and run the coffee maker like you normally would. After it’s done, empty the carafe and rinse it out. Wipe down the outside of the coffee maker with a damp cloth.

11. What coffee maker is made in the USA?

The following coffee maker is made in the USA: Mr. Coffee, Hamilton Beach, Cuisinart, Black & Decker, and even Javapresse.

12. Does KitchenAid make a coffee maker?

Yes, KitchenAid does make a coffee maker. The KitchenAid KCM1208DG pour-over coffee maker is one of the best coffee makers under 100 dollars that you can get. It has a sleek and elegant design that will look great on any countertop.

The coffee maker is easy to use and comes with a glass carafe that can hold up to 12 cups of coffee. It also has a detachable water tank for easy filling, and the coffee maker comes with a one-year warranty.

Last Words

And that was it for our best coffee maker under $100 reviews. We have hand-picked each product based on its value for money. Every product has its specialty, but they are sure to check some of your personal needs. 

One of our favorites is the Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 Perfectemp Coffee Maker due to how reliable it is in any situation. Another one would be the KRUPS KM550D50 Personal Café, whose built-in grinder works like magic and has never malfunctioned.

Thank you for reading, and we hope you will find your ideal coffee maker on our list.

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