The Best Coffee Websites – Top 11 Reliable Sites For You

These days, coffee shop owners are putting more effort into their websites to seek more customers. In this article, we will focus on this field.

Take a look at a few of the best coffee websites below. We introduce to you 11 top picks that could acknowledge the information about the coffee-making process or experience at coffee shops.

You know there is a wide range of origins and types of coffee. And so is the diversity in the design of coffee shops all over the world. It can go from vintage to modern, simple to complicated, and anything else to catch up with the trend.

Top 11 Best Coffee Websites

Noc Coffee Company

The first impression about this website is that its unique name can confuse us about how to say it and the minimal design.

Despite the simple white tone, Noc Coffee Company is incredibly creative. The homepage is evenly split, but it is not hard to follow. On this split-screen, two motion videos are played at the same time, keeping the visuality to a new level of appeal.

Besides the features above, this site has many superb points to talk about. The navigation menu, for example, is minimal but still shows us enough detail to catch up.

And the videos playing baristas brewing caffeine or customers or anything related to Noc Coffee Company delivers viewers a little bit about this coffee shop in real life.

Along with the information about its place and drink, the Noc Coffee Company blog also frequently brings to customers some useful posts which enhance the knowledge about coffee.

I Need Coffee

A website that has obvious positioning, I Need Coffee clearly states that it specializes in coffee education. This is the best site for espresso makers who wish to make better brews.

The homepage attributes both a slogan and a call to action, contributing to the education feature mentioned.

This website also contains some high spots. For example, I Need Coffee provides helpful tutorials on how to improve their brewing skill.

This is a useful blog for anyone interested in learning more about coffee. It provides a deep source of information in the coffee-making technical field and also focuses on the culture of espresso drinking worldwide.

Zinc Cafe and Market

The Zinc Cafe and Market forum is a typical example of how to arrange a bunch of content on a very short page. A block section is used to make navigation simple and requests users to choose their location first.

There are three more appealing options on the Zinc Cafe and Market web page to boost the online shopping section. Those are viewing the blog, shopping, and ordering online.

One of the most exclusive features on the website is the “Places We Love” section. It lists shops, restaurants in the neighborhoods, and experiences for visitors to explore there. What a great idea to build connections with other local businesses in town.

Two Hands

The website of New York City’s beloved cafe is an example of the term “less is more”. It may seem weird, but it turns out to work well.

The homepage may work with the mindset “put as little as possible’’. A logo designed with a handwritten font and a menu is enough to hit the spot when driving viewers to huge curiosity.

Only three pictures show up on the About page, giving viewers the sense that the cafe owner wants customers to spend time at the real place, not online.

While considering that thing, you can click on the small black and white Instagram icon for a look into the Two Hands world — a place where good brews meet delicious food.


Not the website of a cafe, CoffeeGeek is a place where you can look for everything about coffee. If you want to seek information about the bean origin or brewing ways, this site has almost everything to do with your needs.

This website can be seen as a blog since it has thousands of articles from contributors all over the world. Thanks to that, CoffeeGeek provides caffeine lovers with a wide range of useful information.

Viewers can figure out the brewing process from beginner to professional level, some useful tips when filtering, or numerous personal reviews about all aspects of this caffeine-packed beverage.

America’s Best Coffee Roasting Company

This company specializes in wholesale espresso, tea, and equipment sales. However, its website is considered to be at the top of the best brewing forums, thanks to some highlights.

Like how it is named – America’s Best Coffee Roasting Company, the site is designed with a typical American style with a modern vibe.

Besides, we can find some retro notes in the high-quality photos or fonts used and the minimalism in how this website arranges the content.

If you are looking for a wholesaler, this massive candidate from the US is a great choice for you. If you don’t trust us, look around the forum.

Ceremony Coffee

Ceremony Coffee is a place for specialty brews, so the design should stand out from other ordinary shops.  A minimalist website with a lot of white space gives us a calm ambiance when looking around. The pastel tone also adds up to the smooth atmosphere.

Viewers may have the same experience as surfing Instagram when clicking on the web page because the flat lay photos illustrated are not different from the posts on this social media.

Another outstanding feature is an option named “Taste by Color”. When choosing this, the color of the website will change too.

The Coffee Compass

We can define The Coffee Compass right from its name. Yes, like a compass showing direction, this website is exactly for those who have the intention to search for regional coffee culture.

There is nothing special to mention about the arrangement, but the content of this site is a thing. At The Coffee Compass, you can learn how to make perfect French Press or even everything inside a roastery in India when just staying at home.

Café No Sé

You might fall in love right from first sight because this stunning website makes you feel like you are getting lost in an art gallery.

Like other best shops, Café No Sé knows the power of a picture. It not only shows the photos of food and beverage but also takes pictures of the drawings displayed in the cafe space, making viewers eager to come there and enjoy

Following the simple design, the page does not appear to have many words. Instead, a small button is arranged on the top right side of the home page, leading to a simple menu.

Cloud City Coffee

Entering this website gives you the feeling like you are looking at a wall of text. But don’t worry, it will not make you dizzy.

Although there’s so much information on the home page, the site turns out to be well organized with intelligent strategy. The most important and most viewed section will be put at the top while it gets less important to the end.

Thanks to the arrangement, new viewers can stand a chance to observe Cloud City Coffee generally. And the customers who have already experienced it can easily meet their needs. This website kind of stands out at this post.


You may think we made a mistake when putting Instagram on this list. But actually, it’s reasonable. Although Instagram is not a coffee website, this platform is a good place to seek fascinating photos about this subject and many useful things you have never thought about before.

Just by signing up for an account, a whole new world is coming. Everything can be started by following your favorite coffee shops, the ones in your neighborhood, or the hashtag of the espresso you often drink.

Besides viewing photos, you can post your own pics about everything related to this kind of drink. You will soon build online connections with those who share the same interest. This has led Instagram to be an ideal platform for professionals to share information and interact with their fans.


These are a few of the top examples of the best coffee websites in the world. We have brought you a source of inspiration if you want to build a successful cafe.

Thanks to these sites, you can learn more about how the bean is grown, brewed, and sold, helping you provide an outstanding product for your customers.

And to those who are just in love with this pick-me-up beverage, we hope that you can figure out a bunch of new things after reaching the end of this post.

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