The 10 Best Jura Coffee Machines 2023

Coffee lovers wake up every morning, expecting to get the best cup of coffee to start a new day with satisfaction. We believe the best Jura coffee machine in this article will be an excellent coffee maker.

There are diverse Jura espresso machines with the latest technology and design to choose from. Each of them is suitable for different user needs, such as better grinding strength or large water tank capacity.

If you want to make an excellent choice of high-end coffee machines in the next shopping session, consult this Jura coffee maker reviews in detail. You will be amazed by the professional performance this brand delivers.

The 10 Best Jura Coffee Machines In 2023

A reliable coffee maker from Jura can reach the optimum fineness of your favorite coffee and other specialties. Take a look at these detailed reviews of the 10 best Jura coffee machines on the market.

1. Jura 15148 A1 Super Automatic Machine – Best For Low Budget

Highlight features:

  • Material: 18/8 stainless steel
  • Color: Piano black, piano white
  • Weight: 26.55 lbs
  • Capacity: 37-oz water tank, 4.4-oz bean container
  • Human interface input: Buttons

The Jura A1 automatic machine is one of the rare units sold at an affordable price by this brand. It allows you to prepare 3 versatile beverages: coffee, espresso, and ristretto at one touch.

This simple single-serve machine produces flavorful coffee for casual drinking. The basic symbol control panel includes 2 adjustable coffee strength levels and flexible spout options from 2.3 up to 5.5 inches.

Its integrated conical burr grinder can grind whole beans to reach their perfect condition for a quality shot of espresso. This is because the device only does fresh grinding and is not capsuled to limit waste.

Some people may assume that the cheapest is the dearest. But the low-priced product proves that it is absolutely worth it due to the auto shut-off feature to save energy and a cleaning reminder for better hygiene.

There are quite many problems surrounding this machine’s water tank. We cannot fill it with water after some time of use and may find water leaking from its bottom during service.


  • Budget-friendly
  • One-touch use
  • Basic control
  • Conical burr grinder for better taste
  • Auto switch-off  function


  • Water tank-related issues

2. Jura 15068 IMPRESSA C65 Automatic Coffee Machine – Best For Convenience

Highlight features:

  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Black+Silver
  • Weight: 26.15 lbs
  • Capacity: 64-oz water tank, 7-oz bean container
  • Human interface input: Buttons

You may immediately notice the height-adjustable coffee spout of this Jura IMPRESSA C65 machine at first sight. Its height range is quite flexible, from 2.6 to 4.4 inches to allow any cup size to fit into.

The device enables a simple operation with enhanced convenience via its quick rotary switch. It works well with the dual spouts to make great-tasting coffee from basic button turning and pressing controls.

Apart from the compact dimensions of 16.1 x 11 x 13.6 inches to be placed in different spaces, this Jura coffee machine offers striking clean lines from its quality craftsmanship. Its durable premium material will last for a long time.

There is a tap for hot water on the side of this coffee-making device, so you can enjoy better convenience when drinking coffee. Also, the fine foam technology delivers consistently feather-light milk foam froth for a café-quality Latte.

This device should have allowed separated input options before making coffee for better convenience since there is only one knob to select the type of coffee, strength, and amount.


  • Flexible spout height
  • Basic operation
  • Great craftsmanship for better durability
  • Hot water tap to make tea or hot drinks
  • Foam maker for Latte


  • One switch for all

3. Jura 15150 J6 Coffee Machine – Best For Smart Control

Highlight features:

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Color: Brilliant silver
  • Weight: 24 lbs
  • Capacity: 71-oz water tank, 8.8-oz bean container
  • Human interface input: Touchscreen

The Jura J6 automatic coffee machine provides the most recent high technology, explaining why its price is higher than average. It enables a smart connection with the Jura coffee app for easier management.

Jura aims to bring you the utmost experience with this model with the remote control function using an app. It allows you to customize your drinks whenever you want just by a simple touch on your smartphone or tablet. Wake up, touch the screen, and your coffee is ready in a few minutes.

Due to the TFT display that lets you interact with the touchscreen, different cups of coffee will be ready at your service in minutes. Its Aroma grinder runs twice as fast but preserves the best bean aroma.

However, the most ingenious detail of this J6 model lies in its storage compartment. The unit’s easy-to-remove-shaped insert has room for a milk pipe and spout, then stores them neatly and hygienically.

In addition, a filter cartridge is available in the machine to support its CLEARYL smart Intelligent Water System for effective water filtration.

Be aware that this coffee maker is not compatible with a kitchen water line, so you may want to check out other Jura lines for this feature.


  • App connection for easy control
  • Easy to use with an interactive screen
  • Reliable grinder
  • Ideal storage
  • Water filtration for greater hygiene


  • Incompatible with kitchen water line

4. Jura 13623 Giga 5 Automatic Coffee Machine – Best For Dual Functions

Highlight features:

  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Aluminum, Black
  • Weight: 39.7 lbs
  • Capacity: 91.5-oz water tank, 9.88-oz bean container
  • Human interface input: Touchscreen

If you ever wonder why the Jura GIGA Line requires everyone to spend so much, the Giga 5 automatic coffee machine is an obvious answer. Even newbies can make coffee like a professional with a variety of dual functions.

Its dual ceramic disc grinders promote fast yet precise, fresh coffee bean grinding without worrying about wear and tear over time. The best part is they help reduce unwanted noises during grinding.

Meanwhile, the dual coffee spouts are adjustable in width and height to smoothly spew liquid into your cup. Even better, its simple touch panel has image and text displays to guide you through preparation.

We bet that coffee purists would appreciate the Giga 5 in terms of specialty coffee selections. It delivers ultimate coffee quality from a wide range of drinks: espresso, mango lassi, latte macchiato, etc.

Unfortunately, the Jura Giga 5 coffee machine tends to perform inconsistently throughout casual use. The device may not work at all after some time.


  • Multiple dual functions
  • Quiet operation
  • Adjustable spouts
  • Simple control
  • Versatile production


  • Intermittent performance

5. Jura 15093 Z6 Automatic Coffee Machine – Best For Commercial Use


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Highlight features:

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Aluminum
  • Weight: 26 lbs
  • Capacity: 84-oz water tank, 10-oz bean container
  • Human interface input: Touchscreen

Although most reviewed Jura products here mainly serve for home use, the Jura Z6 might also be your ideal commercial coffee maker. Its wide range of smart innovations will impress all users right away.

Besides being a compact machine, people love how its accessible controls are all in the front. You can position the most favorite coffee types on the start screen for quick preparation after renaming them. 

With one-touch preparation plus its dual-serve spouts, this machine enables fast production to cater to 3 or 4 people at once. If you are running a coffee shop, consider this capable assistant.

Undoubtedly, the intuitive tool operation is a bonus. RFID technology enables a wireless link between this machine and a filter cartridge. The unit auto-recognizes this filter and tunes it to suitable settings.

More than producing delicious coffee, this super-automatic espresso machine offers the milk foam technology for a true coffee cup like a barista. Its espresso quality can live up to a coffee shop standard. Again, these features back up its ability for commercial use.

We are unhappy about not being able to remove this device’s brewing unit. This could greatly add to the cost of the coffee machine’s service if there is any problem.


  • Quick preparation
  • Compact dimensions
  • Front control for ease of use
  • Auto filter detection
  • Better coffee quality with the milk foam technology


  • Unremovable brewing unit

6. Jura 15145 WE8 Automatic Coffee Machine – Best For Large Capacity


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Highlight features:

  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Chrome
  • Weight: 22 lbs
  • Capacity: 101-oz water tank, 17.7-oz bean container
  • Human interface input: Buttons

Despite being considerably lightweight with a plastic material, the Jura WE8 automatic coffee machine offers an amazing 101-oz water tank capacity. Its coffee bean capacity – 17.7 oz – is also larger than most other units.

With a full capacity, you can make about 50 2-oz espressos, 14 coffee cups of normal size, 8 travel mugs, and 2 full carafes for buffets, parties, or all-day use. 

The Pulse Extraction Process technology helps optimize its extraction time to produce tasteful espresso shots by maintaining the bean-to-cup flavor. That is why heavy coffee drinkers would love to enjoy the freshest coffee from this machine. 

The best news is you can disable some beverages in this coffee maker based on your preferences. As a result, the WE8 machine excludes milk-based options and only serves coffee drinks the way you desire.

The WE8 has wide applications, especially for office use as a small self-serve coffee bar. Since its rinsing and cleaning programs are integrated with one touch to operate, maintenance would be easier.

We notice several components in this machine, especially its sensors, are poorly designed. When they fault, they will lock up the entire device so you cannot make any coffee.


  • Large capacity for commercial use
  • PEP technology to remain full coffee flavor
  • Beverage disable
  • Simple cleaning


  • Faulty sensors

7. Jura 15070 E6 Automatic Coffee Center – Best For Strength Levels

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Highlight features:

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Color: Platinum
  • Weight: 22 lbs
  • Capacity: 63.6-oz water tank, 9.9-oz bean container
  • Human interface input: Touchscreen

Besides producing 6 diverse types of coffee, the Jura E6 enables 8 adjustable coffee strength levels for you to customize each option. It can also prepare 2 different drinks at the same time for the couple’s use.

With its wide range of coffee strengths, the E6 is made to cater to the mass with various tastes and preferences. No matter whether you are a strong coffee fan or love commodity coffee, this machine won’t let you down. 

Plus, the intuitive TFT color display brings great convenience for you to control the Jura E6. All of its coffee functions are in the front, so you can adjust the settings to enjoy the optimum fineness of your coffee.

What’s more, the machine’s 6-level Aroma G3 grinder minimizes leftover ground coffee up to 60% less than other models. Meanwhile, the Pulse Extraction Process will brew the coffee as flavorful as possible.

In terms of hygiene in use, you can rely on the interchangeable milk spouts and smart maintenance program in the Jura E6 coffee maker. Its spouts help prepare foam on the cappuccino without moving the cup so that milk does not spill outside.

You may find the drip tray hard to fit into the Jura E6 coffee maker. The tab slots should line up with tabs on the tray and let it slip down into position, but this tray simply does not fit into them.


  • Adjustable coffee strength
  • Dual cup preparation
  • Intuitive screen, easy to control
  • Limit waste
  • Optimal hygiene


  • Hard-to-insert drip tray

8. Jura 15011 Z6 Automatic Coffee Maker – Best For Optimal Extraction

Highlight features:

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Silver
  • Weight: 25.4 lbs
  • Capacity: 84-oz water tank, 10-oz bean container
  • Human interface input: Mouse, buttons

Pulse Extraction Process is a Jura exclusive, and you can experience this innovation in the Z6 model. It optimizes coffee bean extraction time to make the most out of ristretto or espresso so much faster.

Instead of a continuous flow, hot water will go into the ground coffee in a shorter time to maintain the full bouquet from beans to cups. Thanks to PEP technology, you can enjoy a deeper, richer, and more flavorful coffee cup.

This machine may look small, but it can produce 2 coffee cups with extreme fineness at the same time. Jura Z6 even offers side options like a portion of milk foam or hot water on the display.

We bet that many other competing high-end coffee makers do not ensure such an impeccable level of hygiene as this model. Both its side water tank and top bean container have thick seal lids to optimize hygiene and ensure the bean quality.

Nonetheless, the coffee-making device only provides the maximum temperature of 170°F for everything, except the flat white production which is about 145°F.


  • Optimal extraction
  • Dual cup production
  • Diverse drink choices
  • Container lids for better protection


  • Low maximum temperature

9. Jura Z8 Automatic Coffee Machine – Best Value For The Money


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Highlight features:

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Color: Silver
  • Weight: 40.2 lbs
  • Capacity: 81-oz water tank, 10-oz bean container
  • Human interface input: Touchscreen

It is common for new users to be overwhelmed by the Jura Z8’s price at first. However, its wide variety of advanced technology proves that this espresso-making machine totally deserves your wise investment.

Although the Aroma G3 grinder now operates twice as fast, it still preserves the finest bean aroma to make amazing coffee. Also, its fine foam technology perfects any milk froth layers on your cup.

The best part about this unit is the 4.3-inch wide and high-resolution TFT color display. It contains both text and images in vibrant colors to select and program barista-quality specialties in seconds.

There is an extra side feature for tech-savvy coffee lovers, which is compatible with the Jura coffee app. Undoubtedly, all of the available features make this coffee maker a brilliant option in that price range.

Its Bluetooth connectivity might be quite weak and unstable for some units. We believe that this machine would be better with WiFi-enabled.


  • The integrated technology of grinder, fine foam, and TFT screen
  • Effective grinder
  • Milk frother to make coffee with milk foam
  • Easy-to-view display
  • App compatibility to control easily


  • Weak Bluetooth connection

10. Jura ENA Micro 5 Automatic Coffee Machine – Best For Ergonomic Design


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Highlight features:

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Color: Silver
  • Weight: 19.6 lbs
  • Capacity: 37.2-oz water tank, 4.4-oz bean container
  • Human interface input: Buttons

Out of all Jura coffee machine lines currently available, the ENA Line is nearly always the most lightweight option. In particular, this Jura ENA Micro 5 weighs only 19.6 lbs and also comes with a compact size of 12.7 x 17.5 x 9 inches.

Homeowners don’t need to worry that it’ll take a large footprint in their space or struggle to carry it.

Additionally, its rotating coffee spouts enable automatic control of up to 2 beverages. They are height-adjustable from 1.2 to 4.4 inches to fit diverse cup sizes, and you can select whether to prepare 1 or 2 cups.

Its bean hopper is 4 oz with an airtight cover for aroma preservation so that your coffee beans are clean and fresh for instant use. There is a ThermoBlock feature that acts as a boiler to quickly run hot water.

Moreover, it includes high-pressure pumping of 15 bars for stronger grinding. 2 programmable strength levels are available to suit your preferences, regardless of the specialty (espresso or double shots).

Even if the water tank is not full enough to make a full cup of coffee, the ENA Micro 5 still grinds beans. So, these ground beans are wasted.


  • Lightweight and compact structure
  • Adjustable spouts
  • Covered bean hopper to maximize aroma protection
  • Built-in boiler for more convenience
  • 15-bar pressure pump for richer coffee flavor


  • Waste ground beans

What To Look For When Choosing A Jura Coffee Machine?

It is definitely not easy for an inexperienced user to find out crucial criteria to consider when buying a coffee machine from Jura. Thus, you will want to follow the buying guide below for more information.


No machine from Jura is exactly a cheap option since there are very few models for a humble budget under $1,000. If you plan to buy from Jura, you will be purchasing a “Mercedes-worthy” coffee maker.

Our recommendation for variants on the lower end is the A1. This coffee-making tool features some of the best Jura qualities, such as grinding technology and durability, but there are no fancy accessories attached.

On the other hand, you want to consider the luxurious Giga 5 model with its complete set of equipment at a considerably high price. A mid-range purchase will suit best with the Jura J6 or C65 machine.

Dimensions (Size)

It is true that no matter how the Internet revolutionizes shopping, you cannot imagine the real size of products via online pictures. This is why you should pay more attention to the machine’s measurement.

Jura coffee machines come in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes. Therefore, a large product that takes up all available rooms is not a wise choice if your urban kitchen counter space is limited.


Most Jura coffee makers deliver a fully automatic operation without the need for special care. However, some models may require you to do manual cleaning cycles to maintain their serving lives, like the C65.

Lacking the self-cleaning function in some products will reduce their price, but you have to spend more on cleaning tools (tablets, fluids, etc.). Thus, it may be better to save up more to get convenience.


The best news is you would not need to care too much about the maintenance part of a Jura espresso maker. These automatic devices are considerably durable to operate for at least 5 years with minor faults.

Our advice is to remember to check for product warranty as you search for your next coffee machine from Jura. Some sellers do not add a proper warranty for these devices, and it may cost extra to repair them.

Beans & Coffee Quality

Coffee lovers always prioritize the final beverage quality more than a lot of other factors. But many high-end automatic coffee machines fail to create the extreme fineness of cappuccino, espresso, and latte.

Keep in mind that only the best bean quality can bring you a tasteful drink. Even if you own a good machine, grinding low-grade beans will produce mediocre coffee that is not worth your investment.

Therefore, searching for quality coffee beans is equally important as the coffee maker itself. A great tip is to find beans that you can track down their origin or get organic coffee from a nearby organic store.

These are the top criteria that you ought to consider in any coffee machine from Jura. As far as we’re concerned, the most important factors to worry about are its full dimensions and how much it costs.

What Is Jura?

In 1931, a man named Leo Henzrioh founded the Swiss company – Jura, short for Jura Elektroapparate AP. After that, Roger Federer, a Swiss tennis player, ratified its manufacturing and distribution company.

Jura used to produce lots of household products, but they have made a breakthrough success after entering the espresso machine world. Thus, they have cut down on most items to focus solely on this line.

This company aims to lead the espresso technology field, so its exclusive products are mainly premium automatic coffee machines. Their sleek design adds a touch of stunning decoration to any kitchen.

Moreover, thanks to its progressive mindset of applying the finest materials and features, all Jura coffee machines are on top of the line. This means it is difficult to find a low-budget choice from this brand.

An Overview Of Different Jura Lines

Jura manufactures multiple lines of coffee machines for commercial and household uses. We will provide an overview of its home devices and classify them based on general use and features.

ENA Line

Jura ENA works to produce the finest espresso taste and does not take up much space on your kitchen counter. This machine line is ultra-compact, so it fits almost anywhere to create your ideal coffee. You may find a higher-end option in this line with updated functions.


If you are into the minimalism style, A-Line coffee makers from Jura are the perfect streamlined options. There is no display on the tool, and this machine only brews espresso without the frothing function.

D Line

Jura D Line is a slight upgrade compared to the A-Line, and it offers delicious milk-based drinks for cappuccino lovers. Expect the device to produce straight shots with its streamlined design and no-frills.

Thanks to the additional milk frother in D Line products, you can enjoy a cup of frothy cappuccino in the morning. But this machine cannot make mid-range choices like lattes and macchiatos.

E Line

You would see a major upgrade in technology when using an E-Line coffee machine from Jura. A display is included with more drink selections, where you can program your favorite macchiato coffee.

Some models in this product line also feature a couple of standard coffee spouts (height may be adjustable) and automatic technology to filter water itself. These add-ons are definitely much more advanced.

S Line

The S Line is an optimal combination of everything you can find in Jura products: its compact size is similar to lower-grade models, but the wide range of smart features belongs to more premium devices.

As a result, Jura S Line machines will produce a variety of mid-range coffee choices to kick off your day. The most noticeable functions are a built-in touchscreen and several customizable beverage options.

J Line

If you purchase a variant from this line, you can select versatile types of coffee and pre-program your favorite for daily drinking through a rotary switch. There is a major upgrade in design for this product line. Plus, J Line machines offer several basic technologies from Jura.

Z Line

Jura Z Line includes much more popular and higher-end models, just after the GIGA options. These espresso devices only use pure water that is filtered via an Intelligent Water System with RFID technology.

It depends on the Z Line model you wish to obtain, but most of them deliver some of the currently finest Jura technologies. Aside from a touchscreen, this line also includes a side-mounted water reservoir. 


This machine line consists of the most advanced and expensive tools by Jura. Besides the extensive beverage options, GIGA Line models double all items, from grinders, and bean hoppers to the heating system. They have everything you ask for but need a high budget to invest in.

Each Jura product line and its respective features can serve you well as a reliable coffee machine. However, take note that high-priced choices may be redundant with unnecessary functions for home use.

That is why you need to cut down on excessive frills in your targeted model. Choose a few highlight features that adapt to your needs to avoid pouring money down the drain.

Jura’s Special Accessories And Features

The list below introduces the current best accessories and advanced features that a Jura coffee machine may provide. It is advised to pick what you truly need for your morning drink to avoid wasting money.

Aroma+ Grinder

Different grinding techniques result in getting a different flavor from coffee, which is called “aroma”. Jura grinders may not be identical in all machines, but the Aroma+ Grinder would be a minimum function.

The Aroma+ settings usually offer 1 to 5 strength settings, so you can decide how strong you prefer your brew with the pre-ground coffee. Pick the type of grind that you like, but start at the lowest level first.

We love how Jura grinders are made of durable stainless steel and are highly efficient for long-term use. Their quick grinding process is a huge bonus, alongside their quiet, reliable use on all coffee bean types.

TFT Display

Thin Film Transistor, more popularly known as the TFT color display in modern Jura coffee machines, is an interactive touchscreen run this device. It allows you to select your favorite beverage in one touch.

Most displays are now paired with a rotary switch to help you better on customizing different coffee settings. A tasteful cup of coffee is only a few touches and one button away, thanks to this feature.

Rotary Switch

The rotary switch plays an important role in many modern automatic coffee centers. You can scroll this knob through intuitive controls of many settings, such as presets and recipes for most specialties.

Furthermore, there is a lot more that you can use this rotary switch to select in a few seconds: water temperature, quantity, the size of your beverage, etc. It goes hand in hand with the TFT color display.

IPBAS (Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System)

Some higher-end Jura machines come with this function. The IPBAS system mixes water with the grounds before the brewing process occurs. Pre-infusing coffee is good for getting the best out of beans.

Special Filter System (CLARIS And CLEARYL)

One of the most innovative technologies by Jura is this special filter system. The CLARIS anti-scaling technology detects minerals and blocks calcium buildup in the heating system to eliminate chemicals.

Meanwhile, the CLEARYL system will deliver the purest water to optimize the coffee flavor. This filter includes several different options, so choose the most suitable one for your machine.

PEP (Pulse Extraction Process)

Thanks to this Pulse Extraction Process function in a Jura machine, coffee fans no longer have to wait long for their drinks. It rushes hot water through your coffee and reduces the extraction time in half.

FFT (Fine Foam Technology)

Foamy milk froth is a highly aesthetic part of barista-quality coffee. Jura coffee makers contain effective milk frothers to pass the milk through 2 frothing stages, then run this creamy foam on your drink.

IWS (Intelligent Water System)

The built-in Intelligent Water System runs an internal sensor on the overall water quality to ensure everything is working fine. It can also notify you of maintenance when in need of changing the filter, etc.

Nonetheless, you can rest assured that a Jura coffee machine’s water tank capacity is large enough to produce multiple kinds of coffee in a long time. You won’t need to refill its water tank too frequently.

Jura’s Other Accessories & Add-Ons

Besides the core features above that most Jura coffee makers offer, there are extra accessories and add-ons to enhance your drinking experience. They will cost you extra money but are truly worth it.

Cool Control Basic

This is a smart storage system for your milk. These containers are known as Basic Compact Milk Coolers with various sizes, maintaining milk at a cool temperature of 39.2°F. It will deliver the finest-tasting foam for your upcoming cup of latte, macchiato, or espresso.

Cup Warmer

It is more likely that you will pour hot coffee into a cold cup, ruining how it actually tastes and feels. Thanks to the Jura cup warmer, it can heat up and maintain your cup at 131°F to be ready for hot beverages.

The best part is the programmable timer for this handy accessory so your cup will never lose its heat. Apart from enhancing your coffee experience, feel free to use the neat warmer for other heating needs.

Milk Frother

Not all coffee machines include automatic milk-preparing gear. In those situations, a Jura milk frothing tool would come in handy. It only takes one touch to get warm or cold foam for milk-based coffee.

Furthermore, if you purchase a special milk frother accessory from Jura, it will likely fit most of its coffee machines. Consequently, you do not have to worry about finding the right frother for your model.

FFF (Fine Foam Frother)

Your Jura coffee center will need to have a Connector System to connect with this fine foam frother. It runs the milk through 2 stages of frothing for milk and milk foam that lives up to a barista standard.

Keep in mind that this accessory will cost less than its professional version below. As a result, it may be an ideal choice for all beginners who have only started learning the art of handcrafting skills on coffee.

PFFF (Professional Fine Foam Frother)

This accessory is similar to the Fine Foam Frother above, and the only difference is that the professional product costs more. It also needs a Connector System and runs through a 2-step foam frothing process.

Portable Vacuum Milk Containers

The vacuum milk containers are made from premium stainless steel to help you carry your favorite beverage around all day at a suitable temperature. They come in various sizes for your personal liking.

FAQs Of Best Jura Coffee Machine

1. Is Jura a good brand?

In general, Jura is an exceptional brand that is currently selling the finest coffee machines in the world. Although there are not many affordable options, the overall product quality is valuable to invest in.

Here is a fact: Jura S8 was crowned the Best Fully Automated Coffee Machine in 2021 by a famous Australian consumer opinion and review site. Meanwhile, the Red Dot Design Award went to the Jura ENA 8.

From our perspective, a Jura coffee machine may surprise new users with its exorbitant price. However, true coffee lovers will agree that buying from Jura is one of the wisest decisions for home appliances.

2. How often should I clean my Jura machine?

The required cleaning frequency of your Jura coffee maker depends on how much you use the device. Newer models will give you an alert when it is time to clean, often after 180 continuous brewing cycles.

Moreover, some advanced Jura machines now include a self-cleaning feature to reduce your maintenance hassle. That is why you should spend a little extra to get options from more expensive product lines.

3. Are Jura coffee machines worth the money?

As mentioned above, the lowest Jura machine cost is nowhere under $1,000, and it can go up to more than $3,000 for the GIGA Line. But this price offers a lot in return for buyers trusting its performance.

You do not have to be a techie to control the user-friendly tool, and the outcome is always tasteful and barista-grade coffee. All of the Jura devices come with premium materials and attractive styles.

4. Why is a Jura machine so expensive?

You may also wonder how a Jura espresso-making device can be sold at such an overwhelming price. The most obvious example is the Jura E8, with a 100% perfect brewing process for a delicious espresso.

There is nothing in the world that works like Jura’s Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P). It will always optimize the coffee extraction time to ensure even short brews come with the finest aroma.

5. How long should a Jura coffee machine last?

The average lifetime of a Jura coffee machine is expected to reach at least 5 to 7 years, but some durable devices can last a decade. It is best to follow its maintenance guidelines to prolong its performance.

6. Can you use a Jura without a filter?

All Jura products are compatible with the CLARIS filter described earlier, either the White, Blue, or Smart variants of its range. It will notify the device that you are not using a filter, so you do not need to replace the filter. If a filter is included, you will have to replace it.

7. What is the newest Jura coffee machine?

Jura A1 is the latest addition to this brand’s award-winning automatic coffee makers. This coffee machine is incredibly compact, with room for one cup to effectively brew your espresso every morning.

You can program the device in 3 defined coffee cup sizes, 2 different levels of aroma, and an extra preservation cover to maintain the fresh beans’ aroma. Its price is also one of the lowest among Jura products.

8. Can you run a water line to a Jura?

Yes, you can connect a water line to a Jura machine, but you will need an adapter kit. This is because the standard water connection on a Jura machine is 3/8-inch NPT, and most homes have 1/2-inch copper pipes.

The good news is that Jura makes an adapter kit that includes everything you need to connect a 1/2-inch water line to your machine. The adapter kit includes a new water tank with the required fittings, and it also comes with a sediment filter to ensure that your coffee tastes great.

9. How much coffee can a Jura make?

The answer to this question depends on the model of the Jura coffee machine that you have. The smaller models can make up to 8 cups of coffee, while the larger ones can make up to 12 cups.

However, keep in mind that the capacity of the coffee tank will also play a role in how much coffee your machine can make. Jura coffee machines are known for their quality, durability, and performance. If you’re looking for a high-end coffee machine, then Jura is a great option.

10. How do I get Jura refurbished?

The best Jura coffee machines are not only about making great coffee. Each of them is also associated with the quality, design, and user-friendliness that the brand is known for. If you want to get a Jura-certified machine, it has to be refurbished by the company.

Jura machines are available in different colors, such as black, silver, or white. Depending on your kitchen’s style and color scheme, you can select the right one.

The good news is that you can get a Jura machine at a reduced price if you choose to buy a refurbished model. The company offers different re-certified machines with the same features and functions as a new one.

You will also have access to exclusive customer support from the brand in case you face any issues with your purchase.

11. Does Jura make a plumbed coffee maker?

Yes, Jura does make a plumbed coffee maker. The Jura ENA 8 is a fully automatic espresso machine that can be connected directly to your water line for easy and convenient operation. This coffee maker also features a built-in milk frother for making cappuccinos and lattes.

12. Does Jura use a ceramic grinder?

The Jura coffee machine uses a ceramic grinder. This is because ceramic grinders provide a consistent grind, meaning that the coffee grounds will be of uniform size.

This results in a more evenly extracted cup of coffee. It also means that the Jura espresso machine will have less heat build-up, meaning that your coffee will not be burnt.

13. Does Jura have a trade in program?

Yes, Jura does have a trade in program. If you purchase a new Jura machine, you can trade in your old machine and receive a discount on the new one. Contact Jura customer service for more information.

14. Does Jura E8 steam milk?

The Jura E8 semi-automatic espresso machine is equipped with a dual spout for milk and foam. So, it can steam milk for you if you want to make cappuccinos or lattes.

15. How do you make strong coffee on Jura?

Strong coffee is typically made with a darker roast, which has less caffeine.

To make strong coffee on a Jura espresso machine, you’ll need to use a dark roast or espresso beans. You can also use a higher grind setting if your machine has one.

If you want to make really strong coffee, consider using a French press. This will give you a stronger cup of coffee, but it will also take longer to brew.

16. How much water does a Jura coffee machine use?

A Jura coffee machine typically uses about 2 cups of water per cup of coffee. However, this can vary depending on the model and how much coffee you’re making. Some models have a water tank that holds up to 2.5 liters, while others have a smaller tank.

17. What is the latest Jura?

The latest Jura coffee machine is the Jura Z10. This is an excellent choice for coffee lovers who want to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee every morning. The machine has a built-in milk frother and bean grinder, so you can make fresh coffee with ease.

18. What kind of milk can I use with Jura?

Jura coffee machines are designed to work best with whole milk. However, you can also use skimmed milk, almond milk, or any other type of milk.

19. Why is my Jura coffee so weak?

When it comes to making a great cup of coffee, there are many factors that come into play. The quality of the beans, the grind, the water temperature, and the brewing time all affect the final product. If any of these elements is off, you’ll end up with a weaker cup of coffee.

One common reason why your Jura coffee might be coming out weak is that the beans are not freshly ground. If you’re using pre-ground beans, they could be old and stale. Try grinding your beans fresh before brewing.

Another possibility is that the water temperature is too low. The ideal water temperature for brewing coffee is between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. If your water is cooler than this, it can extract less flavor from the beans.

Finally, the brewing time could be too short. Depending on the type of coffee you’re making, the Brewing time can range from 30 seconds to four minutes. If your coffee is coming out weak, try brewing for a longer period of time.

20. Can Jura E6 make a latte?

The Jura E6 can make a range of different espresso-based drinks, including lattes. To make a latte with the E6, you’ll need to first brew some espresso. Then, use the steaming wand to foam and heat up some milk. Finally, pour the milk into your espresso until it’s about 3/4 full, and top it off with foam.

21. Can you make regular coffee in a Jura?

Yes, you can make a regular cup of coffee with any Jura espresso machine. The machines are designed in a way that allows you to use different types of coffee beans. You can also adjust the settings to control the strength and flavor of your coffee.

22. Is the Jura E8 made in Switzerland?

No, the Jura E8 is not made in Switzerland. It is made in Portugal. The product page on the Jura website says that the machine is “Made in Portugal.”

23. What is the most popular Jura coffee machine?

The most popular Jura coffee machine is the Jura Giga 5 Automatic Coffee Machine. This machine is perfect for those who want to make large quantities of coffee at once. It has a large water tank and a bean hopper that can hold up to 2 pounds of coffee beans.

24. Is Jura or Miele better?

It is hard to determine which one is better between Jura and Miele. They are both excellent in terms of design, quality, and features. Generally, Jura espresso machines are more expensive than Miele.

Miele offers a wider range of products for different needs while Jura focuses on delivering the best espresso machines. If you want to get an espresso machine from a reliable brand, you can go for either Jura or Miele.


That was a long list of the best Jura coffee machine and all the relevant information to consult before buying from this brand. We believe that you can make your own barista-quality coffee at home with its support.

Remember that most of its machines are super-automatic at a price nowhere under $1,000. The intuitive and smart operation allows you to customize your drink settings with a high level of hygiene.

The most basic option would be the Jura A1, but a much better live-in barista only exists in the Giga 5 model at a higher price. The Jura C65 is something between these two, while the J6 is just a bit below Giga 5.

Good luck with your next shopping session for a suitable Jura coffee maker. Have fun buying your machine after following our tips and instructions, and thank you for reading.

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