Does Chai Latte Have Coffee In It? Secrets Revealed

The question “Does Chai Latte have coffee in it?” is still a big mystery that lingers among coffee drinkers. Being one of the most popular drinks these days, a Chai Latte is a must-buy for those who do not want to consume traditional coffee but wish to maintain a high level of energy.

This trending type of tea is slowly becoming one of the most picked-up drinks of all time as it provides not only subtle energy but also health benefits coming from the black tea ingredients in it. However, is there coffee in a Chai Latte? Let’s find out!

Does Chai Latte Have Coffee In It?

The answer to the main question is sadly an “NO”.  Made using black tea, plus the addition of steamed and foamed milk, a Chai Latte can’t be considered as coffee as it does not include any coffee beans in any form in the recipe.

However, the tasty kind of tea is somewhat considered a substitute for coffee-based beverages due to the caffeine level in it. The amount of caffeine in Chai Latte varies depending heavily on how it’s made and what ingredients are on the list.

Chai Latte serves a sweeter, more palatable flavor than coffee, but there is not that much of a difference when it comes to caffeine. So, if you are craving something sweet, spicy, and comforting but still giving energy, go for a Chai Latte!

Can You Add Coffee To Chai Latte?

Anywhere the tea and coffee worlds colliding will be a strange and unsettling experience. This is no different. You may add coffee to a chai latte, and some people enjoy it so much that it gets its own name: the Dirty Chai.

Dirty Chai is a unique combination of chai tea and a shot of espresso (several shots of espresso if you love both the health benefits of the tea and the energy of coffee). Indeed you can add coffee to a chai latte, and you can add as much as you want.

Still, try to keep the amount of coffee you add into your chai latte mixture in control, as putting too much espresso into your blend can turn the entire mixture into a coffee-like cup. It’s no longer called “tea” if all you can taste is the bitterness of coffee.

Why Should You Choose Chai Latte?

You should always go for a sweet dose of Chai Latte if you are someone who loves the sweetness of tea and the incredible energy of coffee combining into one. Chai latte, as a tea drink, holds the health benefits that coffee can not bring.

However, there are more reasons to choose chai latte other than just the health perks that it serves. Here is a couple of them.

Save Water

Tea leaves, after being harvested, are just washed once, whereas coffee beans are steeped and washed several times before being roasted. It takes nearly ten times the amount of water to get your coffee beans to you.

Can Be Made With Other Tea Types

Black tea is the most popular staple in Chai latte, but green tea, rooibos, and yerba mate are all good options. There is something you need to remember.  Most coffee shops make Chai Lattes using the powdered form of black tea, so if you ask for a green tea version, you’re better off making it at home.

Fairtrade Certified

A large number of Chai tea products come with a Fairtrade certification to protect you – the consumer and farmers – the suppliers. Remember to check out for this certification when shopping.

USDA organic

We consumers always seek organic products for the health of the whole family, and Chai tea can give you peace of mind.

It is important to remember that not all of them are USDA organic. But an organic label or indication on the package is always a good clue to check for.

Homemade Chai Latte

Making a Chai Latte on your own can be quite money-saving in the long run. Imagine having a hot cup of Chai tea ready for you every morning, made specifically for your taste buds. That sounds like an amazing dose of energy drink and a chilling morning.

There are a few kinds of Chai tea that you can learn to brew on your own. To give yourself a lovely treat of warm tea, you will need to gather all of the necessary components and the necessary tools and equipment.

The item list includes a kind of cup or a pot, something to scoop and stir such as a spoon, either steamer or frother, tea leaf or tea bags or tea blend, water, and different spices. The last ingredient is not necessary if you already have a favorite Chai tea brand.

Even though there are up to 6 steps in making chai tea, it is easy to simplify them: just soak the tea bag and the spice blend in hot water, then add the milk and any sweetness you want to put into the drink.

If you’re on a Keto diet or vegan, there should be no worry. You can still make a cup of Chai Latte to your liking.

Making Keto Chai Latte

Milk is not allowed on the Keto diet. It is recommended to replace it with milk made of nuts if you want to stick to the recipe’s recommendations. The most important step about this Keta version is the preparation step, so all you have to do is prepare the cream, and you will be good to go.

The Chai Latte may taste better by steaming and foaming heavy cream. Because it tastes rich and creamy, you will not notice that it follows Keto diet rules. If you’re sick of coffee, you will definitely appreciate the delightful flavors this kind of tea offers on a regular basis.

Making Vegan Chai Latte

You will have to rule out the dairy milk to make the vegan version of Chai Latte. Instead, you can use a range of nut-based milk products. Some milk replacements, such as milk made of coconut, taste inherently better than others.

You may play around with different ingredient combinations until you discover “The One”. There is one important thing to keep in mind: certain plant-based kinds of milk taste better than others, making an impact on the flavor of your latte.

Can You Get A Chai Tea Latte Without Caffeine?

There is really no way for anyone to make or ask for a Chai Latte without caffeine. Remember, the main ingredient for this flavorful drink is tea, and tea contains caffeine. Therefore, it is impossible to go outside and buy or even brew a Chai Latte with no caffeine on your own.

However, you can always make a less-caffeine version. Instead of purchasing black tea bags, go for green tea bags, as it bears less caffeine than black tea. As mentioned above, you can even use other types of tea, such as rooibos or yerba mate.

Is Chai Tea Healthier Than Coffee?

As mentioned above, a typical Chai Latte is brewed with black tea and spices. Each of these spices has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory effects, and so on.

The original roots of Chai Latte were as a health tonic or medication, utilized hundreds of years ago to cure a range of maladies such as nausea and flu. Of course, Chai firms can’t guarantee their products’ advantages without extensive research and profound investigation.

Chai teas are designed to be a delightful treat at first without being a cure in mind. While a Chai Latte will not heal any ailments, it will assist you in reducing your coffee consumption.

Coffee is simply that: coffee. That isn’t to imply that there aren’t advantages to consuming it. However, the judgment is still out on whether coffee is a “good” or “bad” product.

The common consensus is based on personal preference — only you can determine if coffee is generally good for you. A little bit of whatever you want is not going to damage you, but excessive coffee intake has been linked to increased anxiety and even cardiac issues.

As a result, Chai tea is the clear winner for a healthier alternative to coffee. It’s still warm, sweet, and soothing, and it may be made without sugar, milk, or low-fat creamer if you are watching your calories.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, the answer to the question “does Chai Latte have coffee in it?” is no, but you can add some. While a normal chai latte isn’t technically a coffee, the dirty version of it does include a significant amount of coffee in it and is available at most coffee shops.

And if it sets its name on the menu of most cafes, it deserves a special place in everybody’s heart, just like how coffee does.

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