How Much Electricity Does a Bunn Coffee Maker Use?

A pot of coffee can speed up the messages traveling between the brain and the body, keep us motivated and ready ahead of time. Undoubtedly, a coffee maker is a friendly gadget in every house and office.

This comprehensive post gives you a detailed explanation of the question – how much electricity does a Bunn coffee maker use? Besides, you also find information such as energy measurement methods and tips to lower power usage. Continue reading to find answers to your questions.

How Much Electricity Does A BUNN Coffee Maker Use?

In this section, we will analyze and give you an answer to how much electricity a BUNN coffee machine uses. The calculation is based on the two most popular models: single service machine and 10-12 cups coffee maker.

Measure Energy Consumption Of A BUNN Coffee Maker 

The typical measurement method for energy consumption you can use at home is using an electricity monitor Kill-A-Watt. The device measures voltage, real-time load in amps or watts.

By hooking this device up the outlet and having your coffee maker plugged into the Kill-A-Watt, you can find the answer to your curiosity right away.  Keep the machine on for about 24 hours. In the next day,  you will know clearly the amount of energy your BUNN consumes daily.

The exact total energy consumption depends on the type of Bunn coffee machine you use. The top 2 popular types are a single-serve Bunn Coffee Maker and a 10 or 12-cups BUNN BT Velocity Brew.

Typically, the BUNN comes with a small 30-watts heater, which runs 24/7 whether in use or not. Another 700W heater warms up the water once the cold water gets in or after a few days without usage. Another 140W is rarely used at home.

Energy Consumption Of A Single-Serve BUNN Coffee Maker 

A single-serve BUNN Coffee Maker offers you a world of choices when it comes to making K-Cups, ground coffee, tea bags, loose tea, and more! You can brew as little as 4 ounces to fill a cup or 14 ounces to fill a travel mug.

Before giving the amount of energy consumption, let’s list out the elements involved in the calculation.

  • The total hours in one day you usually use a single-serve BUNN Coffee Maker. It is 30 minutes, including 15 minutes to heat the water in the reservoir and 15 minutes to make 4 cups per day.
  • The average power usage to make 4 cups per day is 800W.
  • The average cost per kilowatt-hour is around US$ 0.10.

According to the power consumption calculation on this site, we can measure how much electricity a single-serve Bunn coffee maker uses. It costs 0.26 kWh per day.

Energy Consumption For 10 or 12-Cup Coffee Maker

As the measurement method of energy consumption for a single-serve Bunn coffee machine, the power usage calculation for 10 or 12 cups is the same.

A higher capacity requires more energy consumption. Specifically, it uses 1000 – 1500W to brew 10-12 cups of coffee, taking approximately 45-50 minutes to make a coffee. The final result of energy consumption is 0.75 – 1.24 kWh per day.

How Much Electricity Does A Bunn Coffee Maker Use When Not In Use? 

The great benefit of a Bunn coffee machine is the constant hot water tank available anytime for you to brew a carafe within 4 minutes. That is why many users are curious about the average amount of electricity a BUNN coffee maker uses even when not in use.

Unless switching off this houseware, it consumes approximately 60W per hour to keep the temperature-regulated tank ready to brew. Total energy consumption in one month is 43,200 watts, which is equivalent to 4,3 kWh per month. In other words, it adds US$ 5 to your electricity bill.

How To Save Energy Usage For A BUNN Coffee Machine? 

Despite the small electricity expense you have to pay to run a BUNN coffee daily, there are still several ways you could do to save up more money. It can also maintain your machine’s high performance for a longer time. Here, we share with you several tips as follow:

Maintain The Cleanliness Frequently 

As with other gadgets, the BUNN coffee requires cleaning at least every three months to keep it working at optimum efficiency. The cleaning process removes mineral residue, pollutants in the water source, accumulating into the water tank.

Hence, it needs more energy to heat and warm up the water. Hard water deposits significantly reduce the lifespan of this machine.

Turn Off The Machine

Leaving the BUNN plugged in all the time to keep the water hot is not a wise idea due to the fire risks and waste of energy.

That you turn the coffee maker off overnight will reduce the workload of the warm plate. Subsequently, the longevity is longer while reducing maintenance.

Experiment With Cold Coffee

A simple yet energy-efficient method is to use a cold-brewing coffee, especially for the summer. Cold-brewed coffee does not need heat, which means using less energy.

Use Smart Plugs

Smart plugs connecting with your smartphone allow you to manage the machine better. You can set the time to turn it on before breakfast or turn it off when unnecessary.

FAQs Of How Much Electricity Does A Bunn Coffee Maker Use

Still, have something unsure about this topic? We are here to answer the most asked questions around the BUNN coffee machine.

1. Do BUNN Coffee Makers Have Auto Shut Off?

The Bunn coffee machine comes with a hot water tank at the ideal brewing temperature to constantly brew a cup of joe. That is why the auto shut-off function is unavailable.

2. Does BUNN Make A Coffee Maker With A Timer?

Heat N’ Brew, one of Bunn’s products, features a digital clock with a programmable brew start time. It can brew 4 cups in 6 minutes and 10 cups in only 10 minutes.

3. Should I Leave A BUNN Coffee Maker On All the Time?

Absolutely no. As we mentioned above, you should turn it off once not in use or at least three consecutive days without using it to save energy and avoid fire risks.

4. How Much Does Use A BUNN Coffee Maker Cost Per Month?

We are afraid that there is no exact number for this question. Yet, as per the above calculation, the single-serve BUNN coffee maker uses 0.26 kWh per day, which is equivalent to 7,8 kWh per month and costs US$ 0,78 per month. 10-12 cups of coffee maker cost only US$ 5 per month.

Final Thoughts

We hope this useful post has answered the question “How much electricity does a BUNN coffee maker use” convincingly.

Although it depends much on which model you are using, it is sensible to clean it frequently and turn it off while not using it. That will not only save energy efficiently but also help maintain the best performance of the machine.

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