How To Bottle Cold Brew Coffee? The Important Process You Need To Know

Cold brew coffee is one of the best types of coffee for you to enjoy after a long day at work. For cold brew coffee lovers, choosing a suitable bottle is not simple at all, yet keeping it delicious and fresh in the refrigerator is also important.

In today’s article, we will guide you on how to bottle cold brew coffee with detailed instructions like process, methods, and time to keep cold brew coffee yummy. Do not hesitate to give us a check!

The Process of Making Cold Brew Coffee

Before jumping to the way to bottle cold brew coffee, let’s start this post with the process of making cold brew coffee.

The first step you need to do is pour about three-quarters of a cup of coarsely ground coffee into a jug. After that, add four glasses of water. Even though these are the suggested measurements, you are free to play around with this ratio to get the flavors that you want.

Next, you have to stir the mixture after you’ve added the water. Subsequently, cover it and set it aside to infuse it in a cool, dry location. The pantry is frequently the best place to look.

In most circumstances, the combination should be left for at least 12 hours. The flavors will get stronger when you leave them longer. Consequently, you may want to experiment with different infusion times until you find the one that works best for you.

How To Bottle Cold Brew Coffee?

Bottling cold brew coffee plays an important role in extending its freshness. The main reason behind it is that it might alter your cold brew taste, especially when you add milk or other sugar syrups. Therefore, you should choose the bottle’s material carefully to maintain the flavor and enjoy the cold brew coffee fully.

There are a few options for you to choose from, including plastic and glass bottles.

Plastic Bottles or Glass Bottles: An Overall Comparison

Here is the comparison between plastic bottles and glass bottles:

Plastic bottles Glass bottles
Price Cheap More expensive
Durability Durable Breakable
Made from Various chemicals that can notably raise the possibility of leaching Phthalate, polycarbonate, and BPA can lead to leaching.
Taste Affecting the taste of cold brew coffee due to the acetaldehyde lining.
  • Does not affect the taste
  • Healthier
CO2 permeable More CO2 permeable Less CO2 permeable

Plastic Bottles or Glass Bottles: Which Ones Are Better?

As we can see from the table, the advantages of glass bottles stand out as that of plastic bottles. That is why many people always suggest that glass is the better choice for storing cold brew coffee, even though glass bottles are more costly than plastic bottles.

In addition, the glass bottle is a good way to keep your cold brew fresh, mild, and delicious for longer. These bottles will maintain a crisper cold brew coffee taste.

On the other hand, if you bottle your cold brew in plastic ones, the flavor can easily change quickly. More noticeably, plastic bottles may somehow release chemicals into your drinks over time, negatively affecting your health.

How Long Does Cold Brew Coffee Last?

In order to keep the taste of your cold brew as the beginning, you need to figure out how long it will last and use it during that time only. In fact, cold brew coffee has a longer shelf life than ordinary coffee. A home-brewed cold brew can last up to 14 days in most situations.

Nonetheless, if you add milk or sugar to the mix, your brew coffee life expectancy can plummet. In most cases, the cold brew should be consumed within 3 to 5 days.

There are a few possible indicators that a cold brew has gone bad.  Even though you cannot spot its change by smell, you will be able to notice that the taste has become more acidic. If there are other signs, such as a little aroma or the disappearance of a caffeine kick, it is probably best to toss out the cold brew and start over.

FAQs Of How To Bottle Cold Brew Coffee

1. Is it true that cold brew coffee goes bad if it is not refrigerated?

Definitely yes, cold-brew has a short shelf life, similar to iced tea. Therefore, cold brew will mold if not kept cool and consumed within a week or two.

2. Is it possible to keep cold brews at room temperature?

Yes, it is possible to keep cold brews at room temperature, but you should not use them this way. It will not give you the depth of aroma and taste as you expected. Obviously, cold brew coffee will have gone bad before you drink all of them.

3. Is it possible to just brew coffee and store it in the fridge?

The answer is yes; pour the remaining liquid into a carafe and place it in the refrigerator. The flavor and aroma of the coffee are preserved if kept cold for longer than the two-hour window.

According to experts, you can keep coffee in the refrigerator for up to a week. You can reheat it from the refrigerator, but it will not taste as delicious as a newly brewed cup.


Correctly storing your cold brew coffee is a must-have step to keep it delicious and fresh until you gulp it down to the last drop.

As we have mentioned before, glass bottles are a better choice for you as they are healthier and more practical compared to their competitors – plastic bottles. Also, using glass would be more environmentally friendly than plastics.

We hope that this article on how to bottle cold brew coffee will be helpful for you. Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for our next post!

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