How To Make Cheap Coffee Taste Better? 10 Simple Tips

If you are a coffee lover, you certainly want to enjoy a cup of tasty coffee every morning or anytime you feel like it. But is it always true that only expensive coffee gives you the most delectable taste? Well, this post on how to make cheap coffee taste better will give you a different view of inexpensive coffee.

How To Make Cheap Coffee Taste Better?

Select A Quality Coffee Maker

A tasty cup of coffee won’t always need expensive coffee, but it does require a good coffee maker.

We usually think that automatic coffee makers won’t alter the taste of our coffee, but in fact, it does. The coffee made by an automatic maker is slightly less tasty than a manual one.

With a manual coffee maker, you can easily fine-tune your favorite taste, exactly what you want. It also provides you with a more refined taste, which is hard to achieve for its automatic peers.

Even better, a manual coffee maker doesn’t cost you a fortune. So you can enjoy great coffee without spending too much money.

Get A Water Filter

It is advisable to filter water before every brew because filtered water enhances the taste and aroma of your coffee beans. All contaminants are removed after filtering, so you can enjoy an excellent cup of coffee.

Besides using this device for brewing coffee, you can also use it for general drinking.

Add Milk And Some Other Ingredients

Sometimes, pure coffee and sugar create a boring combination. So, spice up your coffee taste with milk or creamers is a great idea. You can use either condensed or fresh milk, or even honey, syrups, depending on your preferences.

Pure inexpensive coffee may not taste good. However, mixing your coffee and other additives like syrups, milk, and honey can make a difference in the taste.

You can add butter, cream, or even creamers to your brew to boost the flavor and taste. However, it’s worth noting that these ingredients work better with bitter or acrid coffee.

Use Whole Beans And Grind Them By Yourself 

Instead of using ground coffee, we recommend grinding the beans on your own. That way, you can keep its freshness, oils, and taste.

There are various affordable coffee grinders in today’s market. You can easily select a suitable one and grind your coffee right before every brew. You will feel the freshness, bitterness, and savory taste of freshly ground beans with every sip!

Try Salty Coffee

Coffee is inherently bitter. However, more or less bitter taste will depend on the mixing method. Just like adding milk or sugar, salt is also a condiment to help you balance out the bitter taste of coffee.

Additionally, adding salt to coffee will help release sodium ions. This factor helps reduce the bitterness of coffee and arouse the flavor to make the drink more delicious and aromatic.

Use Different Kinds Of Inexpensive Coffee

You may not like the current flavor but are not willing to spend more money. The fantastic idea is to try different types of cheap coffee. Chances are, the coffee brand you are using fails to satisfy your palate, and you should give other inexpensive options a chance.

In some cases, you can even blend different coffee grounds or beans to create a new flavor. It does not always work, but it is a great chance to make your own unique taste.

Fine-Tune The Brew Time

Most people won’t care much about the brew time while making their coffee. Especially if you’re familiar with using an automatic coffee maker, you won’t comprehend the process.

Generally, it is advisable to brew your coffee for about 2-4 minutes before serving it. You may want to let it brew longer or shorter depending on your taste preferences.

If the brew time is wrong, your coffee will end up with too dull or too sour flavors. Thus, a delicious cup of coffee may not need expensive coffee, but it needs the right extraction time.

Cold Coffee

Many studies indicate that lower temperatures can decrease the bitter taste of beverages. Thus, if you try cold coffee, it will be less bitter and more delicious.

We understand that not all people like to drink coffee with ice. However, if you use cheap coffee and drink it hot, it may be unpalatable due to the extreme bitterness.

With quality coffee beans, it’s Ok whether you drink hot or iced coffee. But with cheap coffee, you’d better try this tip.

Use Filtered Water

If you are using tap water for making coffee, you are definitely missing out. Tap water contains different kinds of chemicals like fluoride and chlorine to make it clean.

Those chemicals have a bad interaction with your coffee and alter its taste. Thus, we advise you to use filtered water to keep your coffee’s taste.

In case you cannot have filtered water, try to get a filter for your tap at the least. This will help you release some of the bad chemicals out of your water before brewing your coffee.

Wash Your Coffee Maker Regularly

If you use an old coffee maker and do not clean it frequently, get rid of this routine. The mineral deposits contained in your coffee maker are also to blame for ruining your brew.

Using inexpensive coffee and not cleaning your coffee maker on a regular basis will make it hard to brew a tasty cup of coffee. Therefore, we recommend paying attention to this tiny detail.

Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Make Cheap Coffee Taste Better

1. What Are Some Tips To Differentiate Pure And Real Coffee?

Real coffee has the aroma of the highland soil and the sweet scent when opening the coffee bag. On the other hand, fake coffee will have a strong smell due to many impurities added during the processing period to imitate the authentic smell and taste.

You can rely on visual indicators to distinguish between real and fake coffee. When put in a cup of pure filtered water, pure coffee will float on the water for a long time with no impurities present at the bottom of the cup.

2. Is It Possible To Refresh Stale Coffee Beans?

The answer is yes. Once you release the roasting process vapors, there are still some ways to reverse the freshness of your coffee. The flavors may not be similar to the original one, but they are still okay and fresh to enjoy.

3. How Can I Refresh The Stale Beans?

Here are some methods for your reference:

  • Use dry spices: Adding some dry spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger clove will make the stale beans fresh again.
  • Use flavor extracts: Commonly, people use almond, vanilla, and rum to refresh the decayed beans.
  • Other ingredients for refreshing smelly beans: sea salt, chicory root, sweeteners, flavored creams, etc.

4. Is Stale Coffee Safe To Drink?

Absolutely! You can drink stale coffee since there’s only an impact on its flavor. The coffee is still safe to drink.

5. What Is The Flavor Of Stale Coffee?

The flavor will be very different from the fresh one. It tends to be more single-note and bitter. Thus, it may make you uncomfortable if you’re not used to it.


Enjoying a perfect cup of coffee does not mean that you always need expensive coffee. If you apply the tips mentioned above, you can enjoy flavorful coffee every day with inexpensive beans.

We hope you know how to make cheap coffee taste better after finishing this post. Thanks for reading!

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