Nespresso Comparisons: Lattissima One vs Touch vs Pro

So Lattissima One vs Touch vs Pro, which is the best choice? They all belong to the Lattissima series of the Nespresso brand. Nespresso is a famous brand in the world for coffee-related products. Its coffee machines always receive the trust of customers because of their good quality, diverse and beautiful designs.

If you are a coffee lover and want a cup of homemade coffee for yourself, please pay attention to the Lattissima series with three main coffee machine products. This article will help you answer the question mentioned above!

In-Depth Comparison Of Nespresso Lattissima One vs Touch vs Pro

Let’s take a closer look at each Lattissima coffee machine below to see their special features for your consideration!

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The Similarities

All three machines of this Lattissima series have an automatic milk frothing function. It only takes you 1 minute to make a delicious milk coffee with automatically whipped milk foam. Like other coffee machines on the market, the Lattissima One, Lattissima Pro, and Lattissima Touch can all auto-shutdown their power after 9 minutes.

This feature will help save a large amount of energy as well as extend the life of the machine. There is a reason why you should trust to buy the Lattissima series is that it only takes you 25 seconds to brew or heat the coffee.

In terms of durability and warranty, you do not have to worry. All Nespresso products come with a 2-year warranty. You can safely enjoy your cup of coffee without worrying about quality or technical issues when choosing the Lattissima One, Lattissima Pro, or Lattissima Touch.

The Differences

Design and Convenience

The brand Nespresso, in addition to focusing on the customer’s experience and the quality of the product, also pays special attention to the appearance of each coffee machine. Therefore, it is easy to see that there is not a huge difference in terms of design when comparing Lattissima One vs Touch vs Pro.

All three of these machines have a very delicate design with the combination of basic colors of white, black, brown, and silver. When placed in your home, they will certainly stand out.

The Lattissima One makes people think about a cup of milk coffee with a combination of white and brown. It has a matte finish with moderate gloss and a solid chrome-plated lever.

The Lattissima Touch stands out with its luxurious, sturdy appearance with dark colors, a harmony of silver and black.

It is noticeable that the two most notable changes of the Lattissima Touch compared to the Lattissima One are the rectangular container for milk and the smaller lever. This machine brings certainty and modernity to users.

If you mention the Lattissima Pro coffee machine but ignore its silver aluminum-coated design, it is a pity. Completely different from the two machines in the Lattissima series, the aluminum surface of the Lattissima Pro machine creates a pleasant brightness and will ease your cleaning task.

All three machines have buttons located on the top surface of the machine. Each button is suitable for a different function. Depending on the different types of coffee you want to drink, you will use the corresponding buttons with illustrated signs for ease of use.

The Lattissima One measures 12.8 x 6.1 x 10.5 inches and weighs just 9.2 pounds. The later model – Lattissima Touch – has a relatively similar size of 12.6 x 6.9 x 10.2 inches with a weight of 10 pounds. Both of these machines are suitable for homes with small and medium kitchen spaces. Their colors can bring light and make your kitchen more elegant. The Pro series is the heaviest product at 13 x 7.6 x 10.8 inches and weighs about 12.6 pounds. Based on your needs as well as kitchen space to choose the most suitable machine.


In terms of the water reservoir and milk container capacity, the Lattissima Pro coffee maker will rank first with a volume of 43.96 oz and 16 oz, respectively. This ability is completely understandable since it has the most expensive price. This coffee machine will be a perfect choice for restaurants, coffee shops, or large families of 4 people.

Although the Lattissima One has a water capacity of 33.8 oz, 3.8 oz more than the Lattissima Touch, it has a much smaller milk capacity of only 4 oz, while the milk container of the Lattissima Touch is 12 oz. Therefore, the Lattissima One will be suitable for individuals or couples who need to use homemade coffee every morning, and if your family has 2 or more people, you should choose the Lattissima Touch machine.

Types Of Coffee

As for the different types of coffee each machine can make, the Lattissima One offers espresso and cappuccino, while with the Touch model, in addition to the other coffees, you get extra buttons to make a latte. If you own a Lattissima Pro coffee machine, you will enjoy different types of coffee such as espresso, cappuccino, latte. In addition, there is a dedicated hot water faucet to enhance your experience when you can make tea.

The difference between the Lattissima Pro and the Touch compared to the One is that these two machines can give you a delicious hot chocolate cup or any other drink with milk in it. Depending on your taste, you can choose the basic One for classic espresso or the two later versions with more various specialties.


As the most expensive coffee maker of the three, the Lattissima Pro is equipped with a touch panel while the other two only use buttons with lights. With the touch panel, you do not have to worry that the button of your Lattissima will be out of work.

If you are a techie, then buy this machine. And if you are a loyal fan of machines with simple and traditional designs and mechanical controls, the Lattissima One and the Lattissima Touch will make great purchases.

Capacity Of Used Capsule Container

In every Lattissima machine from Nespresso, you can find a used capsule container. The manufacturer hid it inside, so it is pretty hard to see from the outside.

The used capsule container of the Lattissima One machine is 8 capsules, while the number in the Touch machine is about 10 capsules. The Lattissima Pro has about twice as many capsules as the One. The larger the used capsule container is, the more coffee you can store. You will save time replacing coffee capsules.

The impressive capacity of the Pro means that you don’t have to frequently clean up the container.

Cleaning Function

If cleaning functions are one of the things you care about in a coffee machine, unfortunately, you will have to skip the Lattissima One because it does not offer that feature. This is because the Lattissima One series is quite cheap, so many modern features are not integrated.

This function only appears on Lattissima Touch and Lattissima Pro models. In addition to the button for cleaning function, the intuitive descaling system on both machines will help you know the descaling time, which is one of the most outstanding technologies from Nespresso.

Spout’s Height

For coffee machines, spout height is also something to take into account. If the spout is too short, large cups will not be able to fit in. On the other hand, a too-high spout can scatter coffee on the base when making a small-size cup.

The Lattissima Pro coffee machine is the best choice for brewing different types of coffee because it has a large space to place cups, as well as a raised platform for a variety of cups of different sizes.

The Touch version has little space and no lifter for small cups. If you do not have enough money to buy a Lattissima Pro, then you can go for a Lattissima One. Although there is not too much space for placing cups, this machine also provides a sliding cup holder for convenience.


Wow! So all three Nespresso coffee machines have been analyzed in a very precise and detailed way. In today’s busy life, owning a coffee machine is a new tendency to save time while still enjoying morning coffee.

If you are a person who has a habit of drinking coffee regularly to recharge yourself for work or daily activities, then buying a coffee machine will definitely be the most reasonable purchase.

Hopefully, the comparisons of Lattissima One vs Touch vs Pro above in terms of design, capacity, and utilities have helped you have a deeper look to choose the most suitable machine to make the best cups of coffee for yourself and your family.

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