Long Black vs Americano In Detailed Comparison

Coffee lovers are no stranger to two popular espresso-based drinks: long black and American. Sad to say, the similarity in their ingredients sometimes confuses people, especially first-timers.

So, which option is better between long black vs Americano? If you have the same question, let our article guide you on the right path. Scroll down to see what suits your taste!

A Brief Of long black

Long black – the signature coffee in the espresso world, is popular in Australia and New Zealand. This hot cup makes a great choice for cold winter days, but it also comes in cold drinks in some stores.

Besides the Americano, some people confuse long black with Long espresso. In fact, professional bartenders use different brewing methods. Long espresso is less sweet and strong but more bitter due to long-term extraction.

The History & Origin

Long ago, tea dominated Australian breakfasts until the arrival of the long black. However, no clear record states this coffee’s origin. According to folklore, long black is believed to have originated in Italy and gradually became famous in Australia. Its strong influence continues to spread to the neighboring country, New Zealand.

The recipe originally used double Ristretto or espresso shots to create a burst of taste. Over time, some variations emerged that catered to those preferred milder flavors. However, most coffee addicts still prefer to enjoy the standard cup.

How To Make Long black?

The bartenders utilize two basic ingredients to make a long black glass – hot water and espresso. Standard recipes call for pouring one or two shots of espresso into 100-120 ml of water. As a result, long black retains the same rich and strong flavor as classic black coffee.

So what makes long black distinctive? First, long black is derived from espresso – a fine ground coffee. Dissolving into hot water at high pressure awakens a unique taste complexity.

Second, the dispensing creates two distinct liquid layers. The bubbly crema – the signature symbol of this cup certainly comes to catch your first sight.

A Brief Of Americano

Americano is one of the popular espresso-based drinks. The full name of this recipe is caffè Americano which means American coffee. Most people prefer it because of the milder taste stimulation compared to other types. It first became famous in American breakfasts and gradually traveled the world.

The History & Origin

Some believe that the true origin of the Americano does not come from the United States.

During World War II, American soldiers had to leave their country and be stationed in Italy. They try to get used to the strong flavor of espresso, but most are defeated. To appease their taste buds and nostalgia for their homeland, Italian coffee shops came up with the idea of diluting the original ingredients. This random brewing gives birth to Americano as it is today.

This origin story sounds plausible but has yet to receive any scientific confirmation, as several researchers have mentioned coffee shortages and rationing during this time. In this case, the above explanation becomes meaningless.

How To Make Americano?

The Americano has the opposite brewing method to the long black. It starts first with two shots of espresso in a cup, then adds water afterward. The drip coffee maker becomes a great partner for this recipe based on the principle of lower pressure.

The golden ratio for a great Americano is four water: one espresso. However, several factors can affect the properties of this beverage, such as the quality of the coffee beans or the ingredient proportions.

This order dissolves the crema to reduce the bitterness and create a creamy swirl in the center of the cup. It retains the typical characteristics of long black but slightly reduces the bold and strong note.

The Differences Between long black Vs Americano

Now, let’s take a closer look at their differences regarding flavor, caffeine, and calories.

The Flavor

Surprisingly, long black and Americano serve different flavors despite using the same basket of additives. The first offers absolute taste stimulation due to the top espresso layer.

It resembles an original espresso shot without any loss. The addition of water has little effect on the bold note of long black. It hopes to excite coffee addicts as a wake-up call in the morning with its strong flavor.

On the other hand, the Americano offers a more subdued experience. It builds a bridge between espresso and drip-brewed black coffee. Pouring water later causes a stronger disturbance than the long black recipe.

Basically, Americano possesses the outstanding characteristics of both due to the unique blend of coffee and water. It gives a strong sensation on the first bite and leaves a natural sweetness. Those who cannot stand the distinctive bitter taste of long black will consider Americano as the best alternative.

The Caffeine

The coffee base determines how much caffeine you consume for a cup, and the brew order has no impact on this aspect. If you use the same number of espresso shots for both recipes, they produce the same amount of caffeine. Meanwhile, Ristretto becomes an alternative when you look for a lighter ingredient.

The Calories

Similar to the findings above, the main additive changes calories per cup (except for sweeteners such as milk, sugar, or cream). Sure enough, the calories in both drinks range at a similar level if the espresso shots are the same. On the bright side, both recipes turn out as great choices for dieters. They produce the fewest calories of all beverages.

Long black vs Americano: Which One Is The Best Opt?

The truth is both drinks shine in their own ways, as each comes in a unique flavor to satisfy coffee lovers. Therefore, it is such a pointless question to ask which is more worthy of enjoyment.

If bold and strong flavors appeal to you more, the explosion of long black never lets you down. On the contrary, you should opt for an Americano for a milder espresso taste without sugar or milk. Regardless of choice, there is no doubt that both drinks dominate your taste buds more than a basic black coffee mug!

In Conclusion

This article has just made an accurate comparison between long black vs Americano. Hopefully, you can come up with the one that suits you best after reading all the information here. If you already have a clear understanding of your taste buds now, let’s visit a coffee shop and enjoy your favorite cup right now!

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