Mr. Coffee vs Keurig Comparison: Which Should You Pick?

In Mr. Coffee vs Keurig battle, in your opinion, which brand will win to bring the best coffee maker to consumers?

In fact, in the coffee machine industry, these are two great brands that offer a wide variety of models. Each product created by these manufacturers has its advantages and disadvantages, and each one meets the needs of customers and has to itself a niche market.

However, the products of these two manufacturers have many differences that might contribute to your buying decision. That’s why you should read this article to understand each company’s product, and then, you can figure out the best choice.

Keurig Overview

Keurig is one of the leading coffee makers in the world, and the best thing this brand brings to coffee lovers is convenience. You can brew a hot cup of coffee for less than one minute.

Keurig is especially famous for its K-cup pods. You can find it anywhere, even when shopping online. Many coffee shops have been using K-Cup, which shows their trust in this company’s products.

Keurig machines come in a wide variety at affordable prices. Depending on the outstanding and special features of the coffee machine, the price can be higher. However, many people worldwide consider it as a coffee machine worth owning in the office or your house.

Although the manufacturer tries to match the customer’s requirements, they cannot avoid some limitations.

Therefore, let’s examine some of the common advantages and disadvantages that Keurig coffee machines have.


  • Convenient for a small amount instead of making a whole pot
  • Multiple uses: for coffee, tea, or hot cocoa
  • Typically faster than a full pot
  • K-Cups and machines are widely available in the market
  • Great for using at home, waiting rooms and offices


  • Only makes a cup per time because of a single brewer
  • Slightly hard to clean
  • The price is higher than other coffee brewers from other brands
  • Only some K-Cups are reusable

Mr. Coffee Overview

If there’s one brand that can compare favorably with Keurig, it’s definitely Mr. Coffee. Established in the 1970s, Mr. Coffee has shown the company’s sustainable history and product development.

Mr. Coffee has integrated the latest technologies into making their large-batch and single-serve machines.

When using Mr. Coffee’s coffee machine, you can serve multiple people at the same time. That is the competitive edge that Mr. Coffee product lines have over their single-serve counterparts.

On the other hand, the price of Mr. Coffee’s coffee maker can be anywhere from 15 dollars to 185 dollars. A feature-rich model with higher brewing capabilities understandably costs higher.

However, you can completely rest assured of all the basic features their most affordable coffee maker brings. This means you can have a coffee machine at home or in the office without worrying too much about the cost.

A Mr. Coffee pod brewer costs about $75, and it can brew all kinds of K-Cups. That’s why customers prefer to use it for its versatility.

However, any product has its pros and cons, so take a look below to understand the pros and cons of Mr. Coffee machines.


  • Can brew a full pot
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for parties at home or company
  • Budget-friendly
  • A wide selection of models to choose from
  • Multiple servings in one go


  • Not as fast as Keurig because of full brewing pot
  • Brews the same type of coffee for a full pot
  • Not as convenient as a single-serve coffee maker
  • Does not make tea or hot cocoa

Mr. Coffee vs Keurig Comparison

Here is a showdown between the two coffee maker brands based on different factors that are critical to your buying decision. Let’s take a look!

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Brewing Process


Using the Keurig is pretty straightforward because the manufacturer has designed it for fuss-free coffee brewing. You only need to add a cup of water if it’s a 1-cup reservoir or fill it with water if it’s a big reservoir.

Then, put the coffee pod in the exact place, choose the cup size and press the brew button to start the machine.

All Keurig machines operate pretty much in the same way, so you won’t likely encounter any difficulties while using them. Also, you should make sure to choose the correct cup size.

The operation process is quite modern, which is one of the advantages of Keurig machines.

Mr. Coffee

Mr. Coffee applies the operating mechanism to their products in a more traditional way. Thus, it can be more simple to use for people who are used to this style.

Just fulfill the reservoir with water, then pour your chosen cup line. The next step is adding a coffee filter and coffee grounds, and the final step is to select the brew level. And the final step: push a button to get started.

Simple, isn’t it? Even the K-Cups brewing process is similar to other casual coffee brewers.

Verdict: Keurig brings modern style to streamline the brewing process while Mr. Coffee sticks to a more conventional method that many people are familiar with. We cannot choose the winner for this round as the choice all comes down to your preferences.

Type Of Coffee

Keurig machines require reusable coffee pods if you want to make a new brew.

Meanwhile, with a Mr. Coffee machine, you can make multiple cups of coffee simultaneously and use any coffee type you want.

Verdict: The Keurig brings the convenience of quickly choosing the coffee pods for single-serving, while Mr. Coffee takes any coffee type for multi-serving.

Serving Capacity

The huge difference between the Keurig and Mr. Coffee machines is the number of people they can serve.

With Keurig, you can only brew one cup at a time, meaning you’ll need to repeat the same brewing process many times to make enough coffee for a large group of people. Although the brew time is less than 1 minute (depending on the model), it’s still a hassle and a waste of time.

On the other hand, a Mr. Coffee’s machine can easily serve many people at the same time, so you will save a lot of time in preparing and serving.

Verdict: Again, there’s no obvious winner for this aspect as each brand is gearing towards different drinking needs of the users.

Price & Choice

In general, Mr. Coffee is less expensive than Keurig. So, if you place a premium on affordability, the low-priced models of Mr. Coffee seem the way to go.

In today’s market, Mr. Coffee offers a more diverse range of models compared to Keurig. With price ranges from low to high along with more options for users, it will be easier for you to choose if you are specifically looking for Mr. Coffee.

Verdict: Mr. Coffee takes the prize in this category for its affordability and a wider range of options.


Coffee makers from both brands require some cleaning after the brew finishes. However, you will find it more difficult to clean Keurig machines. It also takes a lot of time because you need to clean it completely. If not, the molds will accumulate.

In contrast, Mr. Coffee’s machines are more simple to clean for their traditional way of operation.

Verdict: Mr. Coffee is the victor for its hassle-free cleanup.

Which One Should You Use?

It is advisable to base on your needs to choose the most suitable brand. Let’s take a look at the summary below, and you will definitely know what kind of machine you need.


You will need the Keurig if you want to place it in the office or the waiting room. Employees or customers will enjoy it because Keurig brings a quick process of brewing coffee.

On the other hand, a Keurig machine is the best choice for making single-brew coffee, so it is a perfect fit for those wanting a hot cup of morning brew with minimal effort.

Every morning with less than 1 minute, you can have a hot cup of coffee and save more time to prepare breakfast. Although it can brew only one cup at a time, it is still a suitable choice for a family of 4 or more.

Mr. Coffee

The reason for purchasing Mr. Coffee is to save time in serving many people. It should be used for large households, parties, or gatherings of 6 people or more.

If you’re a heavy coffee drinker and don’t want the hassle of brewing every time you need an energy boost, it still makes sense to go for the brand.

In addition, if you care about cleaning up after use, Mr. Coffee is a great pick. Also, you should consider the right price to make sure you get a product that fits your budget.

Final Thoughts

Owning an ideal coffee machine is very important to coffee lovers. We hope with this Mr. Coffee vs Keurig comparison,  you now have a better idea about what kind of product you’re after.

Hopefully, you will have a great experience with the coffee maker you choose, whether it is Mr. Coffee or Keurig.

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