The Strongest Coffee In The World – Top 12 You Should Know

Do you start your mornings with a cup of joe? If so, you’re not the only one. While some people drink coffee purely because of its taste, others rely on the caffeine kick in this beverage to alert them during a long working day.

Should you be in the second group, the list of the strongest coffee in the world below will be a must-read. Even if you belong to the first group, you can still glean some interesting information.

This article will discuss the definition of “strong coffee” and some factors in this caffeine-packed drink. We will mention the name of the 11 strongest coffees worldwide, along with a short description of their origin, caffeine level, and flavor.

Let’s get started!

The Strongest Coffee In The World In 2023

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What Is Strong Coffee?

Caffeine level and flavor are two criteria to determine the strength of coffee.

The coffee taste depends on four elements: roast, grind, brew method, and the ratio of water and grounds. To make strong coffee, you can adjust all these factors.

Coffee with a high level of caffeine tends to be stronger. It is also a more common metric.

Although there is a major misconception that a cup of java with a strong flavor contains a lot of caffeine, this is not true. Take Espresso, for example. Despite being known as the strongest form of coffee, its caffeine per serving is one of the lowest.

Along with these two criteria, there are two ways of interpreting “strong coffee”. For some people, when they say they want a strong cup of joe, they mean one with a lot of caffeine. The others define strong coffee as having a bitter and bold taste.

From our point of view, the best definition of “strong coffee” will be a mixture of sharp flavor and high caffeine.

Key Factors In Strong Coffee

Coffee Beans

Most of the coffee produced in the world derives from two coffee plants: Arabica and Robusta.

In general, due to its airy flavor, Arabica seems to be more sought-after. Whereas, Robusta is famous for its bitterness.

However, should you seek the most caffeine, we will recommend Robusta beans. The caffeine content of these beans is near twice as much as that of Arabica beans (2.9 mg per bean and 1.9 mg per bean, respectively). Consequently, many of the world’s strongest coffees (e.g., Espresso) contain a larger proportion of Robusta beans.

We will sum up other differences between Arabica beans and Robusta beans in the following table:

Robusta beans Arabica beans
  • Cheap to produce
  • Harsh flavor
  • Low acidity
  • Grainy tones
  • Fast grow times, more fruits
  • Expensive to produce
  • Airy taste
  • High acidity
  • Fruity tones
  • Slow grow times, fewer fruits


People frequently link roast level to strength – it stands to reason that a dark roast will be stronger than a light roast. However, this is again a misconception. There is no clear connection between roast and strength.

It might be surprising that light roast coffee is “stronger” about the caffeine content.

As light roast coffee is roasted for a shorter time, it remains in a hyper-caffeinated state. So, despite tasting brighter, light roast coffee proves to be more effective in stimulating the nervous system.

Roasting the beans for a longer period results in a darker color and a deeper flavor. But, it also removes more of the natural caffeine. Consequently, lighter roasts have a higher level of caffeine and more complex floral notes.


Finer grinds provide stronger coffee with more flavor per ounce. This is owing to the increased surface area and the shorter brew time.

Although the flavor of coarser grinds is not as strong as that of finer grinds, they provide more caffeine per ounce. The longer the brew time, the better caffeine and flavor extraction will be.

In other words, changing grind size is a simple way to get control of the strength of coffee. There are some certain limits, though.

For instance, medium or coarse ground beans are more suitable for most pour-overs and French Press. This is because fine grind can lead to bitterness and over-extraction. In addition, the floating of fine grounds in your cup may happen with the French Press. When it comes to the Espresso brewing method, the fine grind seems to be preferable.

The time between grinding and brewing coffee also has an impact on the strength and caffeine content. Pre-ground coffee is fairly weaker than fresh-ground beans. Thus, the latter one is much better.

Brewing Method

Though the roasting process mainly determines the beans’ flavor, the role of a barista in terms of “strength” is undeniable. You can have stronger coffee by adding more beans to each shot of Espresso – It is as straightforward as this case.

Of course, just insanely increasing the bean-to-water ratio does not mean you can produce a pleasant mug. Instead, you had better decide this ratio based on the brewing method and recipe.

The extraction process in some brew methods is less efficient, making more coffee be “wasted”. So, these brews, such as cold brews, necessitate a greater amount of grounds than others. Espresso brewing, on the other hand, makes use of all available flavor compounds in the beans. That is why baristas need only a small quantity of grounds per cup to make “strong” coffee.

The list below will help you grasp the average amount of caffeine in a standard serving with different brewing methods:

  • Espresso – 81.335 mg
  • Moka pot – 150 mg
  • French Press – 185 mg
  • Cold Brew Coffee – 200 mg
  • Nitro coffee – 325 mg

Category Of Strong Coffee

When you take a look at all available types of drink, you may question which one delivers the best punch. The information below will equip you with some simple methods for checking the caffeine level in different beverages, especially coffee.

Strong Coffee Per Serving

Serving sizes vary based on the type of coffee you drink. It can be 16 oz or just a 2 oz shot. Once different types of coffee are compared by one serving size, it’s easy to find out which one comes out on top.

300-325 mg is the average quantity of caffeine in a 16 oz nitro cold brew coffee. Although cold brewing does not produce as much caffeine as hot brewing, the high ratio of coffee to water helps increase the caffeine content.

Espresso is likely to be the first name crossing our minds when we think of strong coffee. But each 2 oz serving only contains 80 mg caffeine. So, you will need a few shots of Espresso to get the same amount of caffeine in as a single serving of cold brew coffee.

Strong Coffee Per Ounce

If you care about the concentration of caffeine in your coffee, get a look at its amount per fluid ounce.

In this second category, the winner will be Espresso. An ounce of Espresso has 40 mg of caffeine on average, which is ample when stacked against others.

Even nitro cold brew coffee, which has the highest level of caffeine per serving, only contains half as much caffeine as Espresso.

The high caffeine concentration in Espresso explains why it can generate energy easily. Finish off your Espresso cup, and you will have enough caffeine to stay alert for some hours.

Shortlist Of The Strongest Coffee Brands In The World

1. Death Wish Coffee

Highlight Details

  • Beans from India and Peru
  • 728 mg of caffeine per 12-ounce cup
  • Cherry and chocolate flavor

Death Wish Coffee has succeeded in building its brand name. On Amazon, it has received more than 40,000 reviews, most of which are five stars. It also plays a vital part in popularizing the extreme-caffeine coffee genre.

The blend comprises Arabica and Robusta beans from India and Peru, both USDA Organic and Fairtrade certified.

With 728 mg of caffeine in a 12-ounce cup, Death Wish claims to be one of the strongest coffee globally.

The dark roast creates a strong taste. But, you will be taken aback by how palatable it is. Death Wish coffee is not harsh or too unpleasant at all. In fact, after being brewed in a drip coffee maker, it comes out with a cherry and chocolate flavor.

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2. Biohazard Coffee

Highlight Details

  • 928 mg caffeine per 16-ounce cup
  • Dark-roasted and organic
  • Available in whole beans and pre-ground

The second name on this list is Biohazard Coffee, which is a lightly roasted Robusta coffee. Biohazard coffee has come out in two sizes: one and five-pound in pre-ground and whole beans forms.

Biohazard Coffee contains 928 mg of caffeine per serving. Because the serving is measured by a 16-ounce cup instead of a 12-ounce one, the caffeine content of Biohazard Coffee is less than that of Death Wish Coffee. However, in comparison with a standard coffee, this coffee has a noticeably higher amount of caffeine.

Non-stop productivity, sleepless nights, and all-nighter study sessions are what this brand promised to bring about when introducing this product. If you are seeking an energy boost, you can take Biohazard Coffee into account. As this high caffeine content can pose a threat to your health, you had better think twice before using it on a daily basis.

The coffee has phenomenal reviews, so we have high expectations about its taste. But, it turns out to be unimpressive, if not bland. This is our feeling and only for reference.

3. Black Insomnia Coffee

Highlight Details

  • 1105 mg of caffeine per 12-ounce cup
  • Caramel and hazelnut aromas
  • Made from Arabica and Robusta beans

Another menacing name we must mention is Black Insomnia Coffee.

The rivalry between Black Insomnia Coffee and Death Wish Coffee has been fierce. The former attempted to discredit the latter’s claim to be the most caffeinated coffee in the world. It is difficult to tell which one is right. Nevertheless, with 92 mg of caffeine per ounce, this coffee will be a redoubtable opponent of Death Wish Coffee.

Like Death Wish Coffee, Black Insomnia Coffee uses a mixture of Robusta and Arabica beans but with no frills. This brand also owns a unique and secretive roasting technique. The outcome is a dark chocolate-flavored brew with caramel and hazelnut aromas.

Black Insomnia Coffee has launched two versions: ground and whole beans. To ensure the freshest taste, whole beans will be a better choice.

 4. Devil Mountain Coffee

Highlight Details

  • 1555 mg caffeine per 12-oz cup
  • Organic and non-GMO
  • Pleasant taste

When it comes to the strongest coffee globally, Devil Mountain Coffee will be the leading contender. With 1,555 mg of caffeine per 12 oz cup, Devil Mountain Coffee completely defeated all the above names.

This caffeine content is more than three times as much as the FDA’s recommended daily amount. Thus, it can be a danger to those who are not highly tolerant of caffeine.

Despite the significant caffeine level, the taste of Devil Mountain Coffee is not as harsh as we expected. Instead, it releases a pleasant scent and flavor.

Though the type of beans used in Devil Mountain Coffee has not been officially revealed, they are organically farmed and non-GMO.

They are truly putting their flag at the summit of the mountain with the tagline “So powerful…It’s a sin”.

5. Banned Coffee

Highlight Details

  • A blend of Robusta and Arabica beans
  • 474 mg caffeine per 12-oz mug
  • Berry and chocolate flavor

This coffee’s chocolate and berry flavor is so amazing that it will not fail to satisfy you. The dark roast imparts a nutty sweetness similar to that of a standard Espresso roast.

The caffeine content, on the other hand, is pretty low when compared with other mentioned brands. But, it is still strong with 474 mg per 12 ounces. Each 12-ounce cup of Banned Coffee is equivalent to six regular cups of coffee. Thus, Banned Coffee will be a must-try if you need to consume a lot of coffee to stay awake during the day.

Besides ground, whole bean, and K-Cups, Banned Coffee has brought out pumpkin spice flavor for the autumn.

6. Coffee SIN Performance Coffee

Highlight Details

  • 928 mg per 16 ounces
  • Smooth taste
  • Made mostly from Robusta beans

The type of beans used and the roasting process tend to make highly caffeinated coffees bitter. Yet, Coffee SIN Ground Coffee develops a product with a high amount of caffeine and a smooth taste. By eating a bar of dark chocolate, you may somewhat imagine the flavor of SIN.

As Coffee SIN Performance Coffee supplies a great deal of energy, people can use it as an energy drink before doing the workout.

However, because SIN is very finely ground coffee, using it with Espresso makers having filters will produce the best outcome.

7. Killer Coffee

Highlight Details

  • 645 mg caffeine per 12-ounce mug
  • Made 100% from dark-roasted Arabica beans
  • Rich coffee with a caramel undertone

Killer Coffee is an Australian brand that specializes in supercharged coffeeWhile many coffee suppliers market themselves on “strength” and lack freshness, Killer Coffee appears to balance these two factors.

Although Killer Coffee does not declare itself to be the most potent coffee globally, its caffeine content of 645 mg per 12-ounce cup is still impressive compared to regular coffee.

It’s made entirely of dark-roasted Arabica beans. As a rich and bitterness-free coffee with a caramel undertone, Killer Coffee is advertised to taste amazing no matter how you prepare it.

8. High Voltage Coffee

Highlight details:

  • 1150 mg per 12-oz serving
  • Bold and smooth taste
  • Dark roasted

The second brand from Australia that we have here is High Voltage Coffee. With about 1150 mg per 12-oz serving, High Voltage ranks the third concerning caffeine content on our list.

To achieve a good flavor-to-caffeine concentration ratio, they utilize a unique roasting technique with small batches. In this way, they pack a punch without creating bitterness like other high caffeine brands.

We ensure that the bold and smooth taste of High Voltage Coffee will turn your morning into a delight.

9. Very Strong Coffee

Highlight Details

  • 1350 mg caffeine per 12-ounce mug
  • Produced entirely from Robusta Coffee
  • Rich and intense flavor

The brand does not use flower language, but its name “Very Strong Coffee” really reflects its selling point. Very Strong Coffee is produced within the UK with 100% Robusta Coffee, known for naturally high caffeine levels.

This brand also makes it plain that its caffeine content is high (113 mg per ounce). Thus, if you do not have a remarkable tolerance, Very Strong Coffee will not be a wise choice. As the flavor is rich and intense, the manufacturers advise drinkers to enjoy it with caution.

10. Cannonball Coffee (The Maximum Charge Version)

Highlight Details

  • 1101 mg of caffeine per 12-oz serving
  • Taste similar to tasty malt
  • Medium roast technique

Cannon Ball, like all other brands listed here, claims to provide immense strength without sacrificing flavor. To fulfill their promise, they deliver tasting notes for all of their coffees.

Smooth Bore, Cannonball Blend, and Maximum Charge are the three strengths of the super-strong line. Maximum Charge has 1101mg of caffeine in 12 ounces, making it the strongest coffee in the UK at the time of testing.

The Maximum Charge is made from 100% Robusta beans. Along with the medium roast technique, this coffee leaves a taste similar to toasty malt. A dark roast version of Maximum Charge is also available, which brings out a richer flavor with a chocolate note.

If you need a serious pick-me-up while on the road, you had better choose Cannonball Blend in brew bags.

11. Sons Of Amazon

Highlight Details

  • 660 mg caffeine per 12-ounce cup
  • Made from Robusta beans
  • Silky and smooth crema

The other famous brand from the UK is Sons Of Amazon. By drinking a 12-ounce cup of Sons Of Amazon, you will take in 660 mg caffeine. Thus, while it is above the daily caffeine limit, it is not as potent as Cannonball Coffee.

Besides whole beans, Sons Of Amazon offers a variety of preparations, such as a rocky grind for drip machines or dust grind for Moka pots.

If you still wonder whether the caffeine content in the product is suitable for you or not, you should experience a 100g sampler before buying a full-size product.

What makes Sons of Amazon special lies in the story behind it. The beans used in this coffee are grown in the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. No deforestation is involved in the manufacturing process, and the brand is Rainforest Alliance certified.

In their pursuit of high voltage coffee, they attach importance to sustainability. We believe their responsibility towards the environment is a thing that other brands should learn from.

12. Strong Coffee To Wake Up The Dead

Highlight Details

  • 100% Robusta coffee
  • Low acidity with a hint of smoke

Despite advertising itself to be “The UK’s first seriously strong coffee”, the brand has not disclosed the exact caffeine content.

We can only scour the website and find that it is 100% Robusta coffee. They are a mixture of high grown and shade beans collected worldwide.

The beans are hand-roasted to a dark roast in a tiny amount four times a week. Consequently, they generate potent coffee with low acidity.


The information above may somewhat make you feel overloaded. Thus, we have already established some criteria to assist you in making a better choice.

  • World’s strongest coffee: Devil Mountain Coffee
  • Organic and Strong: Death Wish Coffee
  • Most delicious: Banned Coffee
  • Most affordable: Very Strong Coffee

These coffees will be effective energy boosters when we need to stay focused for a long time. But, consuming them in large quantities will certainly pose a threat to health.

Thus, we will not recommend using the coffees as mentioned earlier on a regular basis. Never exceed 400mg of caffeine daily intake, according to the FDA.

That is all about the strongest coffee in the world review. Do you dare to give these coffees a try? Now, it is your turn to make up your mind.

Thanks for accompanying us on such a long journey. We hope you find our share useful. Look forward to seeing you in the next episode!

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