Why Do People Put Butter In Coffee? (It’s Rich and Delicious)

There’s nothing like a freshly brewed cup of coffee to start a day. Nothing beats a great, creamy latte mid-morning, and some are even partial to a luscious mocha in the evening.

But with so many excellent coffee combinations already available, many of you may be left wondering, “Why do people put butter in coffee?”. This post will give you a thorough answer to this question!

Why Do People Put Butter In Coffee?

Here are five reasons why you should become lovers of the awesome butter coffee:

This Coffee Costs Less Than Store-bought Ones

A store-bought latte costs roughly $4.16 on average. Of course, this figure only includes the money you pay the store directly. Gas expenses and the time spent driving, waiting, and driving to your next destination are examples of hidden expenditures.

A year of purchased coffee may cost $10,000, whereas daily homemade specials to make butter coffee cost only less than $800 annually. Furthermore, rather than tossing away an empty paper cup and plastic lid every day, using your mug reduces your carbon footprint significantly.

A coffee grinder, a coffee machine, and a blender to handle hot liquids are also compulsory. It can be a bit of an investment if you don’t already have them, but you’re establishing your at-home butter coffee bar here.

Remember, the ultimate result is a savings of roughly $10000 per year, and this modest equipment will last a long time.

Eat Fasting

Have you ever had a “2 p.m. crash“? Dropping blood sugars, whether from a sweet breakfast or simply waiting too long between meals, is frequently the cause of this annoying experience.

Butter coffee’s high-fat content and low amount of sugar aid to keep blood sugar levels constant, reducing sugar cravings. Fats also allow for a slower, more sustained release of caffeine, keeping you going for longer.

There’s no reason to cheat in the afternoons any longer. Another advantage: you’ll save much more money!

Improves Metabolism Efficiency

Butter coffee gives your body and the brain the healthy fats they need to make cell membranes and hormones.

Butyrate, a short-chain fatty acid that was long thought to be harmful to your health, has been related to preventing neurodegenerative diseases, extra energy expenditure, and inflammation, which helps avoid heart disease.

Drinking coffee the first thing in the morning gets your body in the habit of burning fat all day, which helps you lose weight.

CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), which can be found in grass-fed butter, has been demonstrated to help people lose weight, especially overweight ones.

Remove Sugar From Your Diet

Creamy, smooth, rich, and delightful – that’s how we describe this buttery, caffeinated beverage. It doesn’t have any sugar, and it doesn’t require any also.

Another advantage of brewing butter coffee this way is that none of the components sink to the bottom.

When you get near the end of the cup, there is no unpleasant mouthful of flavor. The blending properly emulsifies the fats into a constant joy, ensuring that each sip is as delicious as the last.

Believe me when I say it savors better than it sounds!

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Start With A Burst Of Energy

“Bulletproof” coffee will provide you with energy and improve cognitive performance for around six hours without causing a crash.

This boosted drink, which includes additional good fats from coconut oil, will contribute to the production of ketones, which are created when your body uses fat instead of carbohydrates to generate energy.

All you need is two teaspoons of butter in your drink to substitute a full morning meal, making this a convenient option for busy people. A better performance blend than carbohydrate sources like oatmeal is supplying your body with needed calories.

What Is the Flavor of Butter Coffee?

Rich butterscotch or cocoa overtones with a nutty richness come to mind whenever I think about coffee. A light bitterness finishes the sip, and a floral or citrus note is common. Sugar, as well as a dash of milk or cream, can reduce bitterness.

On a warm slice of bread or melted over a jacket potato to finish the meal, the subtle milky tang works so nicely with a bit of salt. The fatty, buttery texture seems to go against the grain when combined with your velvety-smooth cup of coffee.

Just like when adding milk, the coffee turned a light brown color. A creamy foam had formed on top of the greasy drops, giving it the appearance of a latte. Before taking my first gulp, I pondered putting sugar to combat the sourness I expected. I’m thankful I didn’t go overboard on the calories; however, the flavor was fantastic.

The sharpness of the coffee was well-tempered with a delicious creaminess. The texture was extremely smooth and thick.

Why Are People Opposed To Adding Butter To Their Coffee?

So, what’s the big deal with bulletproof coffee versus ordinary coffee with butter?

Entrepreneur Dave Asprey first introduced bulletproof coffee in 2009. It’s made to counteract the caffeine crash that many individuals experience after the initial rush.

Frequently drinking caffeine regulates our body’s metabolism. It provides a surge of energy that keeps you awake and can help you burn fat while exercising.

When this wears off, though, the consequence of this enhanced metabolism starts building up in your system, causing your brain to go into a sleep state. When people drink coffee on an empty stomach, the effect is typically worse.

Due to this problem, bulletproof coffee was born by adding two tablespoons of butter to the brewed black coffee.

The importance of grass-fed, high-quality butter is emphasized here, along with the bulletproof brand’s trademarked, improved coffee beans.

The concept is that the oil and butter combo gives your brain a consistent flow of energy, preventing the caffeine crash.

Although the website states that bulletproof coffee is a healthy alternative, one cup includes 440 calories. If eaten with a full breakfast, this can result in weight gain over time.

What’s The Best Way To Make Butter Coffee?

There are numerous clips and recipes online that demonstrate how to create butter coffee.

Make it simple with this recipe for a creamy, nutritious, and efficient butter coffee with coconut oil – keep it basic and add to it if desired.

To put it simply, mix coffee, a piece of butter, and a scoop of coconut oil for around 30 seconds.

There are no limits to your culinary creations after you learn the fundamental formula (which, let’s be honest, isn’t time-consuming).

  • You can make a mocha by adding cocoa or cacao powder. For a DIY peppermint mocha throughout the winter, put a dash of mint extract as well.
  • Adding a touch of vanilla to a basic vanilla latte is a must (approximately a quarter-to-half teaspoon, based on your taste).
  • Experiment with new things and see what your heart wants. It’s a healthy coffee, so you won’t feel bad about drinking it!

3 Common Butter Coffee Brewing Mistakes

Even though this method is basic, there are a few things you should notice when preparing coffee:

1. Using Butter of Poor Quality

Don’t overstate the significance of high-quality butter! Yes, Land O’Lakes will suffice, but it will lack the richness of Kerrygold vegetation butter.

Get something like Kerrygold butter coffee — yes, Kerrygold butter coffee works!

2. Rather Than Blending, Use A Shaker

The 30-second blending is necessary to emulsify the lipids with the water-based coffee. The fats will not separate at the surface of your cup as a result of this mixing procedure, which would be unpleasant. This isn’t one of those shaker-cup recipes.

3. Excessive Coconut Oil Use

Begin with a tiny amount of fat and gradually increase as you become more accustomed to it. If your body isn’t used to eating a lot of coconut oil, you can have an upset tummy if you put excessive fat in your cup. Start with a spoonful or two and work your way up from there.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have undoubtedly understood, “Why do people put butter in coffee?” While it may appear strange at first, not only is butter in coffee a thing but there are also some compelling reasons to try it.

Consider adding butter to your drink if you’re seeking a tasty method to stay joyful throughout the day, reduce weight, and establish a healthier diet.

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